10 Foods You Should Avoid for Your Baby. Here’s the list!

Children’s diet should be varied and balanced, and it is important to give them foods that can help and encourage growth. At the same time, it is good to avoid all foods that can cause problems or, even worse, harm their development. Let’s see what they are.

10 foods you should never give to a child


If your baby is less than one year old, he or she should never eat honey. This is because honey contains a harmful bacteria called clostridium botulinum that could cause botulism. Botulism can lead to muscle paralysis and other serious illnesses. Therefore, wait until he is one year old before giving him honey.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruit can be dangerous if given to children under five years old because it may go down their throat. Therefore, avoid giving dried fruits to your child especially peanuts. When he or she is six years old you can start giving him or her this delicious and valuable food provided, as far as peanuts are concerned, that no one in the family, has an allergy.


Strawberries, as good and healthy as they are, should never be given to babies because their digestive system is very delicate. Wait until he or she is one year old before giving this sweet yet sour fruit. Also make sure that no one in the family is allergic to it, and if so, consult a doctor first.


Contains caffeine, a substance harmful to younger children, and, for this reason, chocolate should not be given to children. Another factor why you should avoid giving this yummy food is its richness in sugar.

Fruit juices

An excess of fruit can cause weakness in the child because it causes diarrhea and other stomach problems. In addition to this, fruit juices are often rich in preservatives and calories and none of the fat, protein and vitamins that children need. Better to make a smoothie at home with fresh fruit.

Smoked meats and sausages

Most sausages (sliced and similar) rather than smoked and dried meats such as bacon, bologna or ham contain chemicals such as nitrates. In addition to this, they are high in sodium and animal fats, which are harmful to young children.

Cow’s Milk

Do not think that cow’s milk is equivalent to mother’s milk, and under no circumstances, if the baby is less than one year old, let him drink cow’s milk. These do not contain the nutrients that are essential for baby’s development (such as iron and vitamin E).

Fish with mercury in high amounts

Fish is an essential food because it is rich in valuable nutrients important for the baby. However, it is important to document the type of fish because giving children fish with high amounts of mercury (such as tuna) can be harmful. It is a dangerous neurotoxin that can easily accumulate in the baby’s body.

Salt and sugar

Sugar and salt are two harmful condiments and foods for babies. Sugar can alter the development of baby’s taste receptors and keep him awake throughout the night.

Likewise, salt is also unhealthy because it strains the kidneys, creating quite a few problems.

Before introducing foods into your baby’s diet check, even with the help of a pediatrician, that this is feasible and healthy for his growth.

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