11 DIY Ways to Give Old Clothes a New Life

Do you have ruined clothes or shoes but just can’t get yourself to throw them away? Don’t worry, you can resort to several “home” remedies to make them like new again. Wax crayons, lemon, hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and stale bread are just some of the things that will remove stains and signs of aging. Here’s how to do it.

1. Lemon against sweat stains

When you use certain clothing with some frequency, unsightly underarm sweat stains are created. To remove them quickly, you need to run lemon juice and water over them before washing. After coming out of the washing machine, the clothes will be as good as new.

2. Wax crayon to undo a zipper

Zippers, especially when they are new, tend to get stuck and resist. To prevent this from happening, you need to run a wax crayon over it, preferably the same color as the garment.

3. Soak the leather jacket to soften it

Newly purchased, leather jackets and garments are extremely stiff, but it is possible to soften them with a DIY remedy. It is necessary to soak it in water overnight and leave it to dry.

4. Dish soap against grass stains

Children often find their clothes covered with grass stains when playing in the park. To get rid of them, it’s super easy. Just wash the fabric with one tablespoon of dish soap and two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide.

5. Tea bags to deodorize shoes

Who hasn’t taken off their shoes at the end of the day and been overwhelmed by the bad smell? To eliminate the smell and deodorize them, tea bags can be placed inside them. The result will surprise you.

6. White bread to clean shoes

Suede shoes get dirty very easily, especially when they are used often. To get back their brightness, you need to rub stale bread on the stains and you are done.

7. Safety pin to thread the string of a sweatshirt

Who hasn’t ever had a sweatshirt string pulled too tightly and come out completely? To put it back in place, you need to attach a safety pin to one end, so that it makes it much easier.

8. Baby powder against oil stains

Baby powder is ideal for removing oil stains. Just put some on the soiled fabric, let it sit for half an hour and then remove it with a brush.

9. Shaving soap against makeup stains

This do-it-yourself remedy is perfect for those who often indulge in a few escapades and end up with a makeup-stained shirt collar. To remove the stains, simply coat them with shaving soap for a few minutes before washing.

10. Vinegar to keep jeans color

If you want to keep the original color of your jeans, you need to add vinegar inside the washing machine. This way, the fabric will not discolor even one shade.

11. Razor to remove the signs of aging from a sweatshirt

When you use a sweatshirt often, unsightly balls come to form that make it look old and worn. To remove them, simply run a razor over them.

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