3 Coffees a Day: You should definitely know its effects on the body

What happens to our bodies if we drink 3 or more coffees a day? The incredible effects you should definitely know!

It is one of the most popular drinks among Americans. Consumed at any time of the day, especially for any occasion and especially in many tasty variations. Coffee has become part of our tradition and we cannot do without it. There are those who do not feel the exciting effect but that characteristic flavor just can’t do without it; and there are those who use it often to keep themselves “awake.” But will it be so or is it just a rumor?

Indeed, caffeine, that is, the molecule present in coffee, is an alkaloid that induces a stimulating effect in those who take it and as such should be consumed in moderation. It is well known that too much coffee consumption can cause imbalances in our bodies, and therefore this suggests that this food should be consumed in moderation. Have you ever wondered, for example, what would happen to our body the moment we consume too much coffee? Well, several studies have been conducted regarding the effects induced by caffeine by the human body, and in particular we will talk about a study conducted in the USA, and the results are surprising to say the least. Are you ready to find out?

How many do you drink a day? After 3 coffees these are the effects on your body

Going back to the study conducted, it turns out that there may actually be several benefits we can give our bodies with a consumption of about 3 coffees daily. The liver was monitored and the influence of coffee on this complex as well as sensitive organ was researched, and it was found that those who consumed as much as 3 cups of coffee daily had a lower level of liver enzymes than those who did not use any, which benefited the health of the organ.

Not only that, it was found that:

  • Coffee consumption could lower the risk of diabetes;
  • It would dramatically reduce the possibility of being able to have cirrhosis of the liver;
  • There would be good findings in the regulation of bacterial flora;
  • The presence of so-called flavonoids would only ward off the possibility of having heart disease;

In a sense, then, the idea that consuming coffee more intensively can only ever be detrimental to health seems to have been cleared. Well, these researches make us realize that this is not always the case, while taking into account the fact that there are individuals who should not consume coffee for the preservation of their health (for example, people who are suffering from blood pressure disorders, but also many other diseases). So, the right thing to do is to always moderate coffee consumption and not overdo it as we could say that the whole thing can be summed up with a “saying”: “too much, cripples!”.

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