5 mosquito repellents that do NOT work, but no one says so! We reveal them to you!  

We’ve tried them all, even these 5 mosquito remedies, but they don’t work!

Raise your hand if you haven’t applied essential oils, worn ultrasonic bracelets, swallowed sweat odor-modifying tablets and vitamins, planted bat houses?

Each of us, has tried everything we can to defend ourselves from these hateful insects.

But if you are curious about the reasons why everything else provides no protection from their aggressive attack, we explain below the reasons. You will save time and money!

5 remedies against mosquitoes that don’t work, but no one knows it!

These are the 5 mosquito remedies that prove ineffective.

First and foremost, among the most advertised and recommended ones, we find essential oils, but their coverage is really small, reaching a time frame of 20 minutes at most. True they are natural, not so much so is the fact that they are harmless on the skin, because they can cause allergic reactions. They work better, but still for a short time, when used inside candles.

Many of us, especially the more careful mothers, have then tried ledum palustre. This is a homeopathic granule product recommended for little ones. Its promise is to modify the smell of skin and sweat, making it unpleasant to insects. But its dilution is so high that it is not effective.

Nor do vitamins serve the purpose; some suggested compounds based on B1, B6 and C would guarantee an alteration of sweat resulting in a repulsive effect. This is not true, but the fact that vitamin B6 is most useful for immune defense is. But further exploration of this would take us off topic.

Another useless remedy is ultrasounds that do not disturb insects, but other pets and us humans, degrees or small. Mosquitoes, in fact, are attracted solely and only by the scent of our skin.

Finally, it seems to be fashionable to build or place houses for bats notoriously fond of these insects. But this news does not consider the fact that mammals, by nature, choose where they take refuge and may not like bat boxes. In any case, if you want to try, place them away from the sun’s rays, in quiet, peaceful areas. And wait!

Maybe you will get lucky! In the meantime, though, protect yourself with the right products!

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