7 Surprising Uses for Dishwasher Tablet

Dishwashing tablets are used to degrease, clean and shine containers and everyday utensils. But did you know that these little tablets can also help you with more than one household task? They’re scary for dissolving dirt, but can be used for a variety of household purposes as long as you know the right tricks. Here are 7 you can’t do without!

Few people know that household care doesn’t necessarily require a plethora of products for effective cleaning. Thanks to versatile ingredients, it’s entirely possible to restore shine to dirty surfaces while limiting the overuse of chemicals that can harm the environment. The tips shared by experienced housewives that we present in this article are excellent substitutes for classic household cleaners and require only one ingredient: dishwasher tabs.

Here are 7 uses of these little colored tablets to simplify your daily 1st life:

  1. To eliminate bad odors from the washing machine.

Moisture, impurities, detergent buildup, the washing machine can release bad odors without proper maintenance. Fortunately, there is a very effective trick to remedy the situation. To do this, you need 2 dishwashing tabs that you insert into the drum of your washing machine. Then run an empty wash cycle and enjoy surprising results!

  1. Degrease kitchen walls

To get rid of grease residue sticking to kitchen walls, this trick from is ideal. And it also works for pencil or pen marks that can stain the walls of your home. To do this, simply mix a tablet with hot water. Then soak a cloth with the mixture and rub gently until the stains disappear.

  1. Find a baking dish like new

If the result can please the taste buds of the whole family, the preparation of a cake is not without inconvenience, especially when it comes to cleaning the baking dish. Although the latter can lose its shine due to wear, in addition there are residues that crust over time and are difficult to remove. Fortunately, there are solutions that can overcome this problem. The trick: fill your mold with hot water and place a tablet inside. Leave it on overnight and rinse it off the next morning. You will see that your container is as clean as when you bought it!

  1. To combat pipe odors.

Whether it is the kitchen, the toilets or the bathroom, it is essential to maintain your pipes to avoid inconveniences that require the intervention of a professional. The trick to do this is very simple: place a tablet in the siphon and slowly pour 1 quart of boiling water over it. This will dissolve the tablet to eliminate residue and facilitate evacuation. For best results, finish this process by rinsing everything with white vinegar.

  1. To clean the oven

Oven cleaners that dissolve grease, as well as those that are caustic and irritating, must be used with caution. If you do not choose 100% ecological products, you can use a dishwasher tablet that has effective properties to achieve the same results.  To do this, simply dissolve this multi-purpose tablet in a bowl of water, which you have previously boiled. Once the mixture is lukewarm, soak a microfiber cloth in it and rub it on the surfaces to be cleaned. Leave for 15 minutes, then wipe with a clean cloth. The result: a sparkling clean oven!

  1. To revive the whiteness of clothes.

White clothes are sometimes difficult to remove and require effective ingredients to restore their luster. For this purpose, add a tablet to your laundry before starting the usual machine wash cycle. The latter will be dazzling white, and the stains will be gone! But beware, this trick only applies to white fabrics. Colored laundry can become discolored.

  1. to clean the toilets

This tip, recommended by cleaning professionals, is ideal for cleaning your toilet effortlessly. The principle: before going to bed, throw a flushing tab into the tank and leave it on all night. The next day, simply flush the toilet. This not only removes limescale residues, but also decalcifies the bowl!

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