8 Clever Things to Do With a Broken Terracotta Pot: you will be amazed

Whenever a terracotta pot breaks, you are used to throwing them away without a second thought. From this moment on, you will never do it again! Jars can be reused for so many original inspirations.

Whether they are broken in half or in many pieces, the following ideas will show you how you can make simple and original things.

Let’s see together how you can reuse broken vases by recycling them in amazing ways! Let’s get started!

8 clever things to make with broken terracotta pots: creative ideas!

  1. Create magic pot With a broken pot, ideal if it is of a degree size, you can make a fantastic cascade of little flowers! This idea will make your garden really cozy, full of creativity and color.
  2. Miniature garden an enchanted place with little houses and plants!
  3. You can use moss to form the soil, and with crock pieces you can make the stairs that will lead to the house. The latter you can make from wood, fimo or many other materials!
  4. Place broken pieces of pot inside a pot, this will allow water to drain away so it does not accumulate. This way the plants will not risk rotting.
  5. A perfect idea that can be placed both in the garden and inside one’s home.
  6. Take half of a broken vase, decorate it with corks, dried fruit or just rocks and add candles.
  7. Well yes, a broken jar can be really handy for one’s garden or vegetable garden. Write on the crock piece the type of plant or spice you have sown. That way you will have no trouble telling them apart when they grow close together.
  8. Place small pieces of broken pot on the soil near a plant, with this method you will keep the right moisture and protect the roots from frost.

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