A Great Solution to Eliminate Bacteria and Perfumed Laundry

Nowadays, more and more people are turning to nature, especially when it comes to everyday hacks. We have so many tips and so many recipes from our grandmothers that we even have to sort through them. Here are three effective and inexpensive remedies for comfort, softness and cleanliness of laundry. Just use a few drops of this natural product and you’re done!

How do we get rid of bacteria from our laundry?

However, it is almost a little more convenient to buy a packet of powder or the canister of liquid detergent designed by the detergent manufacturers. The antibiotics and antifungals offered on the market sometimes remain aggressive for laundry and sensitive skin. It is the development of alternative medicine, aromatherapy and the use of essential plant oils, which have led to solutions that respect the environment and the human organism. Against colds, against coughs and why not for your laundry?

Tea tree oil, an essential oil with antibacterial properties for your laundry.

Discovered by the aborigines of Australia, tea tree oil (Tea Tree), with the scientific name Melaleuca alternifolia, is known to the ancients for neutralizing bacteria and spores that bother sensitive and allergic people. An agriculture and a craft of transformation have been created that allow us to benefit from a quality oil. Simply add 5-6 drops in the detergent drawer and start your usual program. The result? You will notice it in the comments of the family: The liquid leaves a sweet pleasant scent on the clothes. The machine would also be pleased if it could: The tea tree oil eliminates mold and fungus from the drum and all the pipes! It flushes out standing water that causes bad odors. This oil, like all others, is available at specialty stores and is not expensive. With a small bottle you can do about thirty washes.

What other natural ingredients for spotless laundry?

Also known to our ancestors, white vinegar helps clean, degrease, shine and also likes the washing machine. It can revive your dull colors and preserve the others. Its action against stains will surprise you. Finally, if you want more flexibility in your wool and other delicate garments, get liquid glycerin in a pharmacy or drugstore. It has always been known to eliminate static electricity.

Three tips: An essential oil good for your health and for your washing machine. Two simple ingredients already at home and quickly available. You understood that you can wash the laundry and more to ensure your safety and at a lower cost.

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