Aluminum-foil: A Genius Trick to Clean your Oven so it Looks Brand New

One of the most difficult parts to clean inside the kitchen is the oven rack. Grease, food scraps and sauces tend to collect in the nooks and crannies of this handy accessory after each use, browning in the heat and crusting deep into the metal. Cleaning the oven rack after each use can also be a very cumbersome task, especially if you do not have a large sink where the rack fits perfectly to scrub it. Cleaning oven grates can be easier than you think. The key is to know your grandmothers’ tricks and which cleaning products are the most recommended to soften the remains of food and grease, removing them almost without scrubbing. We give you the best cleaning tips for having a flawless oven using only natural products that you are sure to have in your kitchen or can buy at very low prices.

Dirty and encrusted oven, only this way you remove it all and effortlessly

Don’t wait for the oven grate to accumulate too much dirt and grease. The more dirt accumulates on the grates, the more times you use them to cook your food, the harder it will be to remove this dirt. Remnants of food and grease with high oven temperatures burn and harden, complicating the task of removing them. The experts’ advice is to clean the inside of the oven after each use, just as we would do with any other kitchen appliance that gets dirty. So, let’s see how to clean encrusted oven grates with this simple trick!

Dirty oven, everyone is starting to use a ball of tin foil!

Before you start with tips for cleaning the oven grill, you need to make sure what each manufacturer’s recommendations are. But there are cheaper ovens that may have more delicate grates, so you need to avoid abrasive cleaning products such as bleach or ammonia. One trick for cleaning a very dirty or rusty oven grate that is often used especially with barbecue grills is to smear the entire surface with a grease such as oil or melted butter. Even if it is a stainless-steel grill that has a lot of accumulated dirt, this technique will come in handy for removing the most difficult residue. With the grill slightly warm (avoiding burning), spread a generous layer of oil or butter until the entire surface is well coated. This grease will serve as a lubricant so that you can remove the remnants of rust and dirt from the metal of the grates. Instead of scrubbing with a brush or sponge, we will do this with something harder. Make a ball with aluminum foil, to rub the areas where there is the most dirt embedded. The last step will be to remove the remnants of grease that have stuck to the metal, and for this we will use a natural baking soda product. Cover the grates with very hot water and sprinkle with baking soda. Let it sit for about 4 hours or only 30 minutes if the grill is not too dirty. Finish the procedure with the help of a sponge or toothbrush, scrub hard-to-reach areas where dirt still remains. Rinse well with clean, fresh water, let dry and put the oven grates back in place. With this simple trick you will have clean oven grates that are as good as new!

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