Anthurium, Care and Growing Tips

Anthurium is a houseplant native to Tropical America and belonging to the Araceae family.

Below we are going to see how to grow a beautiful red Anthurium in water.

It will bloom majestically and the process is really simple.

Below is the procedures you should go through:

 Easy tips to have a blooming and shining Red Anthurium.

1 – Preparing the plant and placing it in the sponge.

First, we must check the state of the plant and the roots. After that, we are going to remove with scissors the yellowed leaves and roots keeping of course the collar.

After getting the desired result, we take a flower sponge and then create holes on one end.

Inside the holes made we are going to insert our leaves.

Next, we take the sponge with the leaves into a glass vase and then pour water into it. After that, we add a little water directly onto the sponge.

2 – Watering the plant by giving it the necessary nutrients.

Mind you, the plant only needs to be watered and not fertilized. In fact, after keeping the plant for about 15 days in a shady place, we can move it to a place where it can safely flower.

After that, when the two months are up, we can water it in such a way as to give it the nutrients it needs by also using manure.

3 – How much to water the plant and what to do if it appears too dry or too wet.

It is important to know that Anthurium should be watered no more than 3 times a week.

In fact, too much water could yellow the leaves and damage the roots.

On the other hand, if the plant turns out to be dry, we simply need to soak the roots, after pouring lots of water into the pot. Subsequently, let it soak for about 60 minutes. This way, the plant will not dry out further and will take on new life.

At this point, we have all the tools to grow and flourish our Anthurium in water.

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