Ants in the house, goodbye insecticide: Simple and safe solutions to get rid of them without chemicals

If you want to get rid of pesky ants in your home without using any kind of chemical pesticide, this article will help you.  Artificial repellents are harmful to human and pet health. However, there are effective ways to keep ants away without the need for pesticides.

Ants in the house, goodbye insecticide: just spray this ingredient on the floor

An excellent remedy to keep ants away is to use white vinegar with water. Ants can’t stand vinegar, so you could create a natural pesticide using only water and vinegar. You have to prepare a mixture in a sprayer by adding the same amount of water and white vinegar. Once you have prepared it, spray it directly on the insects to kill them.

If you just want to keep them away from the house, however, you can still use vinegar along with water. Take the sprayer and spray the conflicting areas where they usually enter. The pungent smell of the vinegar will drive the ants away.

The use of vinegar is also very attractive for scrubbing or cleaning all kinds of surfaces, so this same vinegar solution can be used to clean windows, balconies, and floors, and thus ants will be much less likely to reach these surfaces. So, incorporate white vinegar into your cleaning routine because in addition to disinfection, you will kill unwanted ants and also keep them away from your home.

You can also use vinegar combined with other essences to create a great homemade repellent with which you can clean areas where ants usually live. Take a bottle with 8 fl oz of dishwashing liquid or hand soap and add 2 tablespoon of spearmint, cinnamon, tea oil, lemongrass and vinegar. Mix all the ingredients well and then dilute 3 tablespoons of this repellent in two cups of water. Next, you can spray the areas where ants often appear such as the refrigerator, entry windows, in the bathroom. If you want to clean the countertop with this solution, dilute half a tablespoon with 2 cups of water and spray.

In general, the use of natural repellents with vinegar are very effective in treating ant infestations. You can also combine white vinegar with a glass of lemon juice, 1 ounce of chili pepper and water. The combination of lemon and chili will do a good job acting as a containing and protective barrier. And if you locate the ant hill and spray this solution, you will kill all these insects.

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