Banana peels honey: So delicious and easy! You will never throw them away again!

In these difficult times, even food scraps are valuable; with banana peels, for example, you can make compost to fertilize plants but not only that. Since they are rich in magnesium and potassium, just like the fruit, they are also great as an ingredient in our recipes. can’t believe it? Yet, once you find out how to do it, you can get an aromatic puree, perfect for enriching smoothies, yogurt and ice cream, but without the calorie intake of bananas; and a delicious syrup, with a flavor and consistency similar to honey.

The process may seem laborious; it is actually super simple. You will just have to be patient and respect the proper waiting time. Curious to discover this incredible preparation as well? You will make it very often! Get to work, we’ll get started!

Honey with banana peels: the recipe

For this honey, get:

  • Organic bananas, 6
  • water, 1 qt
  • sugar, to taste. – we will explain how to do to dose it properly!

Peel the bananas, one by one, then soak the peel in a bowl filled with water; add a teaspoon of baking soda and let them soak for five minutes. Drain them and place them in a saucepan, covering them with 1 qt of water. Set the pan on the stove and turn on the gas to a brisk flame. Bring to the first boil and remove them from the heat. Insert the lid and let them macerate overnight.

The next morning strain the resulting liquid. Cut the ends off the banana peels, then break them up and place them in the kitchen blender. Operate it to obtain a kind of puree. You can freeze it or use it immediately for flavoring ice cream and yogurt. Divide the cooking water into about two equal parts. Pour half of it into ice or muffin molds and place them back in the freezer. They will be perfect for your cocktails or low-calorie smoothies. They will give all the flavor of fruit, without any calories!

Place a pan on the kitchen scale, tare and add the remaining water. Now you have the exact weight of the liquid. Add as many ounces of brown or coconut sugar. And place on the gas, cook for about 20 minutes. When the syrup is a nice amber color, sticky and thick like honey, it will be ready to be transferred to a jar and enjoyed whenever you wish. You can also achieve the same result raw. Peel a banana, chop up the peel and place it in a bowl, add equal weight of sugar and let it macerate for at least 5 hours; the honey will create itself.

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