Best Pothos Care Tips to Grow Lush and Healthy

Few indoor plants are as beautiful and easy to grow as Pothos. This plant of tropical origins has become very common and popular especially in recent years-thanks to the Internet, which has made its beauty and hardiness known to the public. Its long foliage cascades down from the pot or climbs on supports and is characterized by wonderful heart-shaped leaves. Some people, however, complain that their pathos grows too slowly, and its foliage remains short, sparse, or without many leaves. If you want to thicken your pothos but don’t know how, you can follow these handy tips.

“Thinning” fertilizer

One of the methods we suggest is to fertilize it with a DIY natural fertilizer that is very easy to prepare and administer.


You will only need:

  • 2 eggshells
  • 2 coffee grounds

Preparation and use:

Take the shells of the 2 eggs and crumble them with your hands until you get many small pieces. Then, take the coffee grounds, after letting them cool, shred them and mix them with the eggshells. Your compost is ready! Now you can simply sprinkle it on the potting soil of your pothos, and after about 15 minutes, you can water: the water will help the soil get the compost down deep. Ideally, you should only fertilize once every 3 weeks and no later than October. Eggshells and coffee grounds are a valuable source of nitrogen: this substance is primarily responsible for plant growth and development. A large supply will help the plant develop new fronds.

  • Green tea

An excellent alternative to the thickening fertilizer we just looked at is green tea. This substance contains high concentrations of tannic acid, which stimulates growth and regulates soil pH, helping the plant stay strong. You can use the leaflets used to make the tea by spreading them on the potting soil. Alternatively, you can dilute some green tea (about ½ cup), strictly at room temperature, in 2 cups of water and use it as watering water.

Note: The tea must not have been sweetened with sugar.

Do you keep your pothos in the bathroom? Here are some care suggestions.

  • Potato cooking water

Did you cook boiled potatoes for lunch? Don’t throw out the cooking water! If you didn’t salt it, you can use it as watering water for your pothos. In fact, this water has absorbed potassium, calcium, and other minerals that can be helpful to the plant’s growth. Be careful: before using it, make sure it is not hot or boiling, but at room temperature. Alternatively, you can use vegetable cooking water: again, there should be absolutely no salt in it. You can find more tips for growing your plant in this article.

  • Aquarium water

If you have an aquarium at home, you are fortunate to have a source of valuable minerals available for your pothos. In fact, when the water has not been changed for about 7 days, it becomes rich mainly in phosphorus. Use it as the watering water for your plant and you will see it develop wonderful new leaves. Important: Use this method no more than once every 15 days and be careful to remove any small aquarium elements, such as stones or shells, from the water.

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