Brilliant Ways to Clean your Bathroom Using White Vinegar

There are areas of the house that can be cleaned even on alternating days, and then there is the bathroom that needs to be cleaned even several times in a single day. In fact, no limescale stain or halo can be left out because it may then become increasingly difficult to send it away. That is precisely why today I am going to recommend a fantastic ingredient that will help you clean the bathroom in a short time and very effectively. Of course, I’m talking about vinegar, you only need one bottle of it to have a shiny bathroom!

Warning. Vinegar is an ingredient that cannot go on marble or natural stone.

  • Shower

The shower is an area of the bathroom that is extremely affected by limescale and therefore needs special care. If you also happen to find very stubborn stains, don’t worry because vinegar is the solution for you! You will simply have to fill a vaporizer with vinegar and spray it in every corner of the shower, passing from the steel elements to the tiles. Scrub with a sponge, then leave it for a few minutes and rinse. You will see that the shower will be as good as new again!

  • Ceramics

Bathroom ceramics are other items you want to keep shiny and clean at all times to give your bathroom a unique touch! To make them shiny, vinegar is your best ally, and I’ll tell you right now how you can best use it. You can put a few drops of the product directly on a sponge that is not too abrasive and rub it all over the bathroom fixtures. Then rinse thoroughly so that no drops of water are left behind, check for halos, and there you have it!

  • Mirrors

A bathroom without shining mirrors is not a completely welcoming bathroom, is it? All it takes is nothing, alas, and drops of water and soap immediately go on the glass, dirtying it. What can be done to quickly remove that speck? Simple, you will have to make use of vinegar! Fill a steamer half with water and half with vinegar, then spray it on the mirror and just wipe it with a dry cotton cloth to get rid of the stain. You will see that it will immediately shine again! And that’s not the end of it! If you don’t like vinegar, we have a video with other methods for cleaning mirrors in the bathroom:

  • Faucets

The talk of water droplets going straight to the mirror we could also do with bathroom faucets. In fact, we could say that every day we find limescale stains, whether small or large. Vinegar is ideal for treating steel, not surprisingly it is also used very often for that in the kitchen between the stove and sink. So put it directly on the sponge and degrease gently, then rinse and it will be shiny.

Warning: On faucets you will have to use non-abrasive sponges, otherwise it will be full of scratches.

  • Tiles

Whether they are the ones in the shower or the rest of the bathroom, tiles are elements that give a unique aesthetic touch! Sometimes cleaning them could become complicated as it is not only tiring, but also difficult to get to the highest tiles. So, I am going to teach you a quick trick that can be of great help!

You will need to fill a bucket with warm water and place 1 cup of vinegar inside, then soak a rag inside and wring it out but without completely removing the water. Wrap the rag on a broom and attach it with a rubber band, then turn it upside down and run it over the entire surface of the tiles. Once the first pass is done, rinse and wring out the rag, then go over it again to complete it and there you go!

  • Floors

Let’s conclude the complete cleaning of the bathroom with vinegar by taking care of the floors! It will suffice to put only half a cup of the product in a bucket with warm water and proceed with the scrubbing, paying special attention to the corners and areas behind sanitary ware. The ingredient in question will be perfect for removing stains, bad odors and making the whole bathroom floor shinier.


Test the vinegar first in unseen areas of the bathroom in order to make sure you do not stain or damage the elements.

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