Can You Clean a Shower with Dishwasher Tablets?


It is very useful to put a dishwasher tablet in our shower. Here is why you should do it.

One of the goals to make our home welcoming and inviting is to keep it always tidy and clean without accumulation of dirt and dust, and therefore we tend to do daily or almost daily chores. There are some points in our house that are complicated to clean, and that is why we apply some tricks to reach corners that we can never clean without the help of some tricks.

Shower: why it makes sense to use a dishwashing tab when cleaning.

Once we find the right solution, we have cleaned our house perfectly and for this we arm ourselves with disinfecting and degreasing products, each indicated for a specific point in the house. In addition, there are products on the market that are also suitable for the type of floor to avoid damage, or even products intended for specific surfaces or specific appliances.

Let’s take the case of the dishwasher, to make washing effective and make our dishes and cutlery clean and shiny, we put a tablet in it to facilitate its use. In this way, if we buy a valid product, we have shiny dishes without stains and food residues, and much of this work was done by this tablet. Its compound is very strong and for this reason not everyone knows that this tablet can also be used to remove the most stubborn dirt in some parts of our house, such as the shower.

Often it is one of the most difficult places to clean, because the drops released by the shower head create streaks or black streaks through the silicone that tends to stick the sliding doors or the shower system to the wall. To clean the shower with the dishwashing tab, it was first an Australian woman who invented this method that uses tablets and a sponge for the dishes.

How to use the tablet in the shower?

First of all, you must make sure that you do not have skin problems, because the strong action of the tablet could damage the skin, and therefore it is always better to wear rubber gloves during this operation. Then we take our sponge and cut a part of it so that we can insert the tablet, and moisten it with hot water and use it to wash our shower and the windows of it or the curtain. The product in the sponge dissolves slowly and after rinsing everything with extreme care, even the most stubborn dirt and streaks are gone. The shower not only becomes clean, but shines thanks to the action of the dishwasher tabs, which are also available on the market in different fragrances, depending on the ingredients.

This process, useful for cleaning the shower, can also be used for other surfaces such as sink , stove or glass , which after washing will be shiny and without stains. Therefore, the dishwashing tab is very useful not only for cleaning our dishes and cutlery, but also for other household chores.

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