Child safety at home: 4 golden rules for a clean and safe home

Hygiene and safety are two of the most fundamental elements within a home, especially when you share your home with little creatures. In fact, in order to have a child-proof home, there are certain behaviors and some specific rules to be respected. For this reason, this article presents some small tips on how to act when there are children in the house.

Beware of games:

Having children in the house often involves fighting chaos and clutter every day. It is therefore necessary to teach them early on the importance of tidying up and keeping their toys clean. In point fact, even children’s toys should be washed regularly: in the washing machine if they are soft toys or cloth toys, with natural products (such as vinegar or baking soda) and plain water for toys made of other materials.

Safety in the nursery:

Children spend most of their time in their bedroom, which must therefore be a safe place where they can play and move around safely. For this reason, its care becomes more essential than ever. For example, good thing would be to cover with protective systems and secure the electrical outlets in the room. In addition, it would be necessary to cover the edges with appropriate protections, and to avoid unpleasantness, it would be best to avoid carpets, unless they are non-slip.

Cleanliness in the nursery:

What parents often fail to consider, however, is that children can also be involved in household chores. First, teach them the importance of airing their room for about ten minutes a day to ensure adequate air exchange. Moreover, get them to help you while you vacuum, dust furniture or wash the floor. The sooner children are approached about their responsibilities, the sooner they will mature and be able to make decisions with confidence and autonomy!

Boxes and labels for a clean and functional room:

When you have children in the home another smart idea might be to divide the home space in a reasoned and functional way. But how to go about it? Obtain boxes, applying some labels on them in order to make it easier for the children to properly store their different toys. In fact, labels and tidy-up boxes are a cute and original idea to get everything under control and set up a tidier environment. N.B: Make sure the boxes are not too heavy, so that children can move them with little effort and especially without running the risk of getting hurt! Finally, another idea for reorganizing the child’s environment is to name the various parts of the room: such as the reading corner, which will be cozy and quiet, and the play corner, dedicated solely to fun.

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