Cleaning Radiators: Easy Ways to Remove Dust and Dirt

As the cold weather arrives, radiators become our allies in making the house warm and protecting us from the cold. Before, however, turning them on, it is good to proceed with cleaning the radiators, so as to remove all the dust that has accumulated inside and avoid spreading it throughout the room. Therefore, today let’s look together at some tricks to remove dust from radiators quickly and easily!

  • Hair dryer

One of the fastest ways to thoroughly clean the radiator and remove all the dust inside it is to use a hair dryer. Yes, the very one we commonly use to dry our hair! All you will need to do, then, is to first put a damp cloth behind and under the radiator so as to create a barrier and prevent dust from sticking to the walls or floor. After that, operate your hair dryer on the cold air jet and run it over the top holes first so that the dust goes down, after which you move on to the walls of the radiators and focus more on the places where there is the most dust. You will notice that all the dirt will clear your radiators and go directly onto the damp rags!

  • Vacuum cleaner and comforter

Just as practical and convenient are the dust mops and vacuum cleaner that are a godsend for cleaning your radiators. If you want, then, to use the vacuum cleaner, we recommend specific nozzles that can clean the narrowest and hardest-to-reach surfaces. The feather duster, on the other hand, provides optimal cleaning, as it is able to remove even the small dust residues that the vacuum cleaner cannot.

  • Knot method

The name may perhaps sound rather wacky to you, yet this little trick is a godsend for removing all the dirt from your radiator. What are we talking about? The Knot method!

All you will have to do, then, is to take a dust-catching cloth and tie a knot on one end in such a way as to form a sort of “handle” to this cleaning tool. After that, slip the cloth into the spaces between the individual elements of the radiator, making sure to always keep the knot out, and slide it down by pulling, precisely, the “tail” of the knot. We recommend that you change electrostatic cloth if it gets too full of dust, so that it does not transfer from one part of the radiator to another. If you also want to proceed with a kind of washing of the radiator, you can also moisten a cotton cloth in a solution consisting of 3 cups of water and 1 cup of vinegar and proceed as seen before with the electrostatic cloth. In fact, vinegar, in addition to removing dirt, also helps prevent and delay the formation of dust!

  • Microfiber socks

If you feel like making a sort of dust quilt yourself, know that it is possible using some materials that you surely have at home! Among these, we recommend microfiber socks, the fabric of which is very close in composition to that normally used to make commercially available dust-catcher cloths. So, apply old tights that you no longer use or frayed tights to a very thin stick and secure them by tying a knot. At this point, run them over the radiators. Alternatively, you can also tie a knot directly and proceed as seen already with the previous method! Now, you are ready for winter! As if that were not enough, then, you can also use this remedy to remove dust under the bed!


We advise you to assess with those in charge the condition of your radiators before taking action and especially in case you are inexperienced.

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