Cleaning the Encrusted Oven Effortlessly: Useful Tips and Tricks

Cleaning the oven is, in itself, among the most exhausting and even tedious things to do around the house, would you agree? When there is that stubborn encrustation, we would like a magic wand to make everything as good as new again. Although you can’t use powers to get it clean, we can use tricks that make all the cleaning much easier. The most effective and one that I will recommend today is the bowl method!

The first thing to do is to say goodbye to the encrustation that creeps inside the oven. Removing it with a sponge soaked in some natural element is effective only up to a certain point, the real breakthrough to have the appliance clean in no time is to soften the dirt. And that’s where we learn about the bowl method, a trick that is used to spread steam throughout the walls and go to work on stubborn stains. Let’s find out together which ingredients are best for using this method!

  • With Vinegar

The first could only be vinegar, which is great in these cases! You will simply need to fill an oven-appropriate bowl with water and 1 cup full of vinegar, then place it inside the oven and turn it on to 356 °F. Wait until it has evaporated almost completely, then turn off the oven and wait for it to cool. When the temperature is suitable for cleaning the oven without the risk of burning yourself, you can proceed with cleaning the entire appliance.

  • With Citric Acid

Another very suitable ingredient to thoroughly degrease the oven quickly and effectively is citric acid. It possesses, in fact, a great degreasing property, which is also excellent for removing lime scale. If you want to choose it in this case all you have to do is dissolve 5 oz of citric acid in 1 quart of water, then transfer it inside a bowl and put it in the oven. Again, you will have to turn it on to 356 °F and wait slowly for the mixture to stick to all the encrustations. Once it has evaporated almost completely, wait for it to get a little warm and then your oven will be ready to be cleaned!

  • Lemon Juice

Why not do oven cleaning without giving up on spreading a great scent inside? If you want to combine these two factors, then all you have to do is choose simple lemon juice! The world’s most famous citrus fruit possesses great degreasing power, which is great to use around the house for various household chores. You will need to press the juice of 2 large lemons, combine it with 1 cup of hot water and put it in the oven at 356 °F. Wait a few minutes so that everything evaporates, and when you open the oven again you will immediately smell fantastic!


Since the oven will be quite hot, let it cool and I highly recommend wearing gloves so you can be sure not to burn yourself. To go ahead and have the oven as good as new you can use the mixture left inside the bowl that has not yet evaporated on a sponge. Then dip the latter inside and start scrubbing all the walls of the oven and particularly in the dirtiest areas. You will see that it will be very easy to succeed in removing the crust because it will have softened thanks to the steam and the ingredients from the previous step. Once all traces of dirt have been removed you can rinse with a microfiber cloth and dry thoroughly.

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