Cleaning Windows’ Frames: Super Easy Method Without a Ladder

Cleaning window frames with this trick will be super easy, you won’t need the ladder anymore: here’s a super useful method for you!

Interior cleaning has always been a constant headache. Dirt and dust are ever-present enemies, and it is often difficult to get rid of them effectively and permanently. There are so many products on the market these days and so many areas to apply them to: think of the hundreds of products for floor care or stovetop cleaning and especially for stubborn dirt.

One of the most common “problems” is cleaning window frames. Yes, because simply applying a common detergent and then wiping with a dry cloth does not solve the problem and especially having to climb the ladder is definitely not one of the most convenient things to do. You can often think of resorting only to using a dry cloth, without applying any product to it. But this in any case does not solve the problem because the cloth will only move the dirt from one area of the glass to another. Another problem also is the cleaning of the entire glass panel, because very often we cannot get to it (being too high up) and therefore often, even if we find the right method to restore the shine to our glass, it will still present the top part dirty, having to resort to the ladder to fill the remaining dirty parts. And so we are back to square one. I know a remedy you can use that is 100 percent easy. Ready to get to know it?

With this method, you won’t need to use the ladder: you can clean windows this way

Cleaning window frames turns out to be a rather tiring and tedious activity, yet it is a necessary task to do if we want our windows to be perfectly clean and shiny. Climbing up the ladder and doing it repeatedly every time we go to clean and rinse appears tiring. For this reason, we can adopt this very simple method to clean the windows without getting tired anymore.

Cleaning glass has never been easier. Forget about the ladder there in the closet, all we need in this case is a simple broom that we are going to cover with a cloth specifically for cleaning windows. We spray the glass with our spray, and we proceed at this point with the cleaning. Et voila, the job is done.

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