Cleaning Windows: Mistakes not to Make and Products to use   

One of the toughest tasks and least favorite jobs that many avoid is removing dust and dirt from the windows. With the right method having a brilliant result will be a breeze.

In a house, the larger the windows, the more they can make a difference. It is thanks to these fixtures that the sun’s rays “enter” the apartment, making it bright and welcoming. Although they have this undoubted advantage, we must not forget that we have to deal with the windows and their cleanliness.

The mistakes that must be avoided

There are certain mistakes that we do while cleaning our windows that can promote the appearance of halos or ruin the frames themselves. The first thing to keep in mind is to never clean windows when the sun is shining, this is because the heat generated by the rays makes the water or detergent dry quickly, so it becomes difficult to remove them effectively and in time. To degrease glass effectively, it is important not to use cold water and remember never to dry the surface with paper towels or paper towels because they tend to leave stubborn residue.

Products for cleaning windows

One of the important tips that must be taken into consideration while cleaning windowpanes is choosing the right products; among the natural ones there are some that can restore effective result with little effort:

  • Soap and water: this is the easiest solution to follow and at the same time ensures a fool proof result. To get shiny glass, just pour a tablespoon of liquid soap in half a liter of warm water, once distributed, it is essential to rinse the surfaces well. The same result can be obtained with dishwashing detergent
  • Water and vinegar: disinfectant and antibacterial, vinegar cannot be missing among the natural products par excellence for cleaning glass. All you have to do in a spray container is to put a glass of vinegar in half a liter of warm water, spray it on the surface so as to remove dirt and dust effectively
  • Raw potato: degreases glass and makes it shiny, just cut it in half and rub it on the surface, then all you have to do is rinse it off
  • Ammonia: ammonia is among the basic components of many detergents because it removes dirt effectively by removing grease, oil and even tough encrustations. Ideally, it is best used diluted within warm water, being very careful and especially airing the room while using it
  • Alcohol: safer than ammonia is a good alternative for cleaning not only glass but also mirrors. The mixture for flawless results is one composed of half a liter of water, one cup of vinegar and one cup of alcohol
  • Fabric softener: used mainly for laundry, fabric softener can also be used on glass because it prevents the formation of halos
  • Banana peels: catching grease and dirt from windows is also possible with banana peels. Before washing them, simply wipe the inside of the peel on the surfaces and then rinse with plenty of warm water and a microfiber cloth
  • Newspaper: the indispensable ally for window cleaning is a green product that allows for shiny surfaces with little effort

How to clean windows?

Windowpanes should be cleaned regularly, at least once a month. Before washing them, we need to remove the curtains, dust the window frames and the glass panes themselves with a dry feather duster. Then, we need to use the product or solution we prefer directly on the surface. With a cloth soaked in water or with newspaper, we remove the product with horizontal movements in the middle part and vertical ones in the side part to avoid forming halos or streaks.

Now it is time to wipe them dry, first using a soft cloth and then wiping the sheets of newspaper dry to absorb the last residual water. Alternatively, we can make use of an electric drip blower, which makes the operation even faster. In addition to interior windows, the exterior ones should not be forgotten. To clean them with peace of mind, the ideal is the magnetic window cleaner, which consists of two parts that remain anchored thanks to the action of magnets. One of the two should be placed on the inner glass, the other on the outer one, and through the handle we will be able to operate the device and achieve perfect cleaning.

How to clean window frames

Another important part that deserves attention while cleaning is window frames . As with windows, we need to use the right product depending on the material:

  • Wood: we must use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe over the surface to prevent the wood from being ruined by using any detergents
  • PVC: in this case we use a degreaser or dishwashing detergent diluted inside warm water. Simply spray it on the fixtures, leave it on for an hour and finally rinse it off
  • Aluminium: simply wipe with a sponge soaked in water, with the addition of a few drops of detergent in the case of very dirty surfaces, rinsing with plenty of water

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