Cleaning Your Bathroom With a Bar of Soap

Bar soap is a perfect ingredient because it can help with all household chores and also has an added value: its fantastic scent! Over time its use has been seen in every corner of the house, from the washing machine to the floors, and it has never disappointed! Today I am going to show you another area of the house where it can give its best and you can use it on its own without the help of other ingredients. I’m talking about the bathroom, find out with me how to make it look like new using just bar soap!

  • For limescale

Let’s start with limescale because it is the main issue that is found in the bathroom. Unfortunately, you cannot find solutions to keep it from ever coming back, but I have for you the right method in order to thoroughly remove it from every corner! All you have to do is put soap flakes on a sponge and rub vigorously on the affected areas with the non-abrasive side. Then wait a few minutes and rinse thoroughly so that the faucets and all other elements are shiny and as good as new again!

  • To whiten ceramics

A popular method with bar soap in the bathroom concerns whitening ceramics! Very often these can become dull and tend to darken from dust and water stains, but with this ingredient you will restore all the shine in no time. Melt some bar soap in a double boiler and add 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Then spread the resulting mixture on a sponge and degrease on the ceramics. When you rinse, you will immediately notice that they will be much whiter and, above all, brighter!

  • Goodbye yellow halos

How often do we enter the bathroom and see those annoying yellow halos inside the toilet? Alas, there are no remedies to counteract them, but you have to monitor the situation daily to make sure that the water from the drain does not settle in large quantities expanding the halo more and more. Well, to remove this stain you will simply have to spread some grated or flaked soap on the affected area. Rub vigorously with a broom and leave it overnight. The next day go and scrub again with more soap and then rinse. You will see that not only will you have cleaned everything, but you will also leave a fantastic scent in the bathroom!

  • In the shower

The shower is an area of the bathroom that is particularly prone to dirt because of the passage of water and moisture that creeps in. Cleaning it and having it perfect, however, is not an impossible task if you use bar soap, let’s see all the tricks! You can use it directly on a sponge to degrease showerhead, faucet, tiles and so on, just be careful not to scratch the pieces and rinse thoroughly. Alternatively, prepare a natural cleaner by putting 2 tablespoons of soap dissolved in half a quart of water and add 1 tablespoon of baking soda if you want to enhance the degreasing action. Spray the mixture all over the shower, then sponge and rinse with a microfiber cloth-it will be as good as new!

  • For scenting

Another benefit of bar soap, as also mentioned earlier, is its wonderful scent! In this regard, choosing it to scent the whole bathroom is a very wise choice, and let’s see how to use it right away! You can cut flakes and put them in a jar to be placed then inside the bathroom, wherever you prefer and where you know the scent can spread. Alternatively, melt a bar of soap, add 6 drops of essential oil to your liking and place the liquid mixture in silicone molds. Wait a few hours for it to solidify, then take the soap cubes and place them in the bathroom wherever you like!

  • Glass and mirrors

Glass and mirrors can also benefit from the many properties of bar soap. Using it is super easy! You will need to put a little soap on a soft, dampened sponge and wipe it all over the glass and mirrors. Immediately afterwards wipe with a microfiber cloth to rinse and dry with a well-cleaned cotton rag. You will notice the shine right away!

  • Floors

Finally, let’s see how to wash bathroom floors using bar soap! This can also be put on more delicate surfaces such as wood or marble, so it is perfect and a must-have! You will simply need to cut 1 teaspoon of soap flakes and put them in the bucket with warm water. Then proceed to wash the floor and that’s it!


Always try the ingredients on unseen corners to make sure they will not damage to stain bathroom elements.

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