Cleaning your Kitchen with Vinegar 

Although the kitchen is one of the most lived-in rooms in the home there is always a desire to keep it shiny and perfect. That’s why there are various remedies that help make every corner shine from steel to tiles. One of these is our dear alcohol vinegar, which is perfect on any surface to degrease and polish easily and effectively. This type of vinegar is used specifically for household chores so let’s see together how to use it in the kitchen!

Polished steel

A shiny steel is one that makes the kitchen shine the most! Although it can often be difficult to clean because it is a very delicate material, there are remedies that allow you to put it back to new without scratching it too much. And among these remedies, the most valuable by far is alcohol vinegar! Did you know that one of its best performances is precisely on steel? All you have to do is put a few drops of it on a nonabrasive sponge and rub it all over the steel, then rinse and dry well so as not to leave a water stain or halo.

In the dishwasher

Another great use of vinegar in the kitchen is for the dishwasher! How often do we see that dishes don’t shine as brightly as we would like and, indeed, have water spots or look dull? With vinegar you can solve this little problem and using it is very simple! You will simply have to spray a little bit of the product on the steel pots, dishes and glasses before putting them in the basket. This way not only will they look perfect, but you won’t have any bad smells either!

For dishes

Not only in the dishwasher, but also for washing dishes by hand, vinegar is our best ally! I especially recommend it when you cook foods with a particularly strong odor that can remain impregnated on the dishes even after washing. So, fill the sink basin with hot water and add 1 cup of vinegar, then soak the dishes and proceed with washing. You can also use it for scaling inside pots and pans, just put some inside, leave it overnight, and the next day the dirt will come off the bottom easily. You will see what a fantastic result!

Encrusted tiles

By dint of cooking sauces and various dishes, kitchen tiles, especially those near the cooktop, become encrusted. You need to get them clean right away so that the stains don’t go away again, but more importantly so that you don’t have bad odors. So, you need to arm yourself with patience, but above all with a good amount of vinegar, which will serve to send away even the most stubborn stains. You’ll simply have to put some on a microfiber cloth and degrease the tiles, which, with 2 or 3 passes, will come back spotless!

Warning. Do not use this remedy on marble or natural stone tiles.

Furniture cleaning

Last trick you can use with vinegar in the kitchen is for cleaning furniture! This step is to be done the moment you complete the entire cleaning of the kitchen, which will definitely shine when you have thoroughly cleaned each piece of furniture. So, you will have to take a cloth and wring it out very well, then add a little vinegar without exaggerating with the amount and wipe it all over the surface. Afterwards, rinse, dry and check for halos against the light!


I remind you again not to use vinegar on marble or natural stone. It is also a good idea to use it on non-visible corners first.

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