Clever Ways to Deodorize Your Smelling Closet

During winter, it is known that moisture becomes a big problem not only outside but also in the closed rooms of our home. How many times, in fact, have you happened to smell a stench of dampness when opening the doors of your closets and then notice that same stench on your clothes as well? I imagine often! Therefore, today we will look together at some tricks and home remedies to get rid of the damp smell in the closet!

DIY moisture absorber

Let’s start with making a DIY moisture absorber that can lower the moisture content in your home and closet. The process is really a breeze, as all you will need is:

  • 1 lb. of rock salt
  • 3 flavored tea bags
  • 5 drops of essential oil
  • 2 Glass jars
  • 1 plastic bag

Next, take a plastic bag and cut out two squares large enough to cover the brim of the glass jars. After that, pour ½ lb. of salt and the contents of one and a half tea bags into each jar and mix the two ingredients well. At this point, add the drops of your chosen essential oil, cover the jars with the previously cut-out plastic squares and leave the jars sealed for 3 days, remembering to close them with the lid and shake them occasionally to mix the ingredients well. Finally, all you have to do is remove the cap and put them in the corners of the cupboard or at least in a location that is not in the way: goodbye stink of moisture!

  • Coffee grounds

Another very effective remedy for absorbing moisture in the closet and preventing it from “sticking” to the garments is to use coffee grounds, which boast strong absorbent and anti-odor properties. Not surprisingly, they are also used in the refrigerator to absorb the smell. Put, therefore, coffee grounds in some small bowls and place them, then, in the corners of your closet. Let them work until they absorb all the damp smell and remember to change them every 2 or 3 days to make this remedy always effective: dampness in your closet will be just a bad memory!

  • Baking soda

If there is a pantry ingredient known precisely for its absorbent and odor-absorbing capacity this is bicarbonate, which is able to absorb even bad odors in the kitchen! So, fill a small bowl with baking soda and place it in the cupboard, remembering, again, to change it once a week. As an alternative to the bowl, you can also fill some breathable bags with baking soda to hang, then, among the clothes in the closet. If you want, then, also to scent these little bags, then you can create a thick paste with baking soda and 5 or 6 drops of essential oil to your liking. Not only will you be able to notice a reduction in humidity in the closet, but your clothes will smell better for a long time!

  • Rice

Like coffee grounds, baking soda and salt, rice can also absorb a lot. In this case, therefore, we recommend that you fill some cotton bags with rice and place them, then, in the corners of the closet or between the clothes. The rice will help, then, to absorb water naturally and cause the moisture content in the closet to be reduced! We would also like to remind you that rice can also be used to remove bad odors in the bathroom!

  • Citrus perfumer

Finally, let’s look at one last remedy for reducing humidity in the closet and not having stinky laundry: the citrus anti-moisture perfumer, which unlike the other remedies will also bring a good scent! All you need to do, then, is peel 2 oranges or 2 tangerines and let the peels dry in a dry, dark place for about a month.  After that, place the dried peels of these citrus fruits in some cloth or cotton bags, add some cloves if you prefer, and place them in the closet between your clothes: not only will the moisture be absorbed, but you will also notice an intoxicating all-natural scent whenever you open your closet!

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