Clever Ways to Reduce Humidity in the Bathroom

The bathroom is the room in the house most prone to moisture and mold growth because of the vapors that are released during showering.  As if that were not enough, then, excess humidity contributes to worsening the bad odors that are already common in this environment! But did you know that it is possible to use this ingredient to both absorb moisture in the bathroom and to scent it for a long time? Well yes! Let’s see together how to do it!

How to do it

This trick is really simple to try as all you will need to do is equip yourself with an ingredient that you will surely already have in your pantry: salt. You will need, therefore:

  • Salt to taste (alternatively, also baking soda)
  • A glass jar
  • 1 plastic bag or piece of cloth
  • orange or lemon peels (or essential oils of your preference)

Begin by rolling out the plastic bag and cutting out a square large enough to cover the rim of the glass jar, after which set it aside for use in the final stage of preparation. At this point, take enough salt to fill the glass jar and pour it into a pan. Toast the salt for a few minutes, then put it in the glass jar, add the fresh citrus peels as well while the salt is still hot and stir it all together. We recommend that you break up the peels so that they mix well with the salt. As an alternative to citrus peels, you can also use other ingredients that can provide fragrance, such as some spices like cinnamon, flower petals or coffee powder. Finally, cover the container with the plastic square (but also a piece of cloth or thin gauze), close the lid, let it sit for a few days, and voila: your scented dehumidifier is ready to use!

How to use it

Once you have made the DIY dehumidifier, let’s see together how to use it to not only lower the humidity level but also to bring a nice scent into the bathroom! We recommend, then, that you place the jar on a shelf or on windowsills and remove the lid especially when you take a shower so that it can absorb the excess moisture that is produced. If then, you also have radiators under your windowsills, then it will be even better since the heat will help to spread the good smell! We remind you, however, to change the salt in the jar when it is “wet” so that the remedy will always be effective. You can, therefore, replace it or let it dry before reusing it.

Why it works

This remedy seems to be very effective due to the presence of ingredients known precisely for their absorbent function that can come to our rescue in case of excess moisture. We are talking about salt, which is a godsend in such cases and, not surprisingly, is used to make DIY dehumidifiers! As if that were not enough, its high absorbent power means that we use it in the home to absorb bad kitchen odors as well!

As an alternative to coarse salt, however, you can also try another ingredient with the same properties: rice, which absorbs water easily. As for perfumers, on the other hand, we have chosen citrus peels, which not only give off an intoxicating scent but are also able to absorb moisture. You can use them, in fact, even to prevent the smell of closed and damp in your shoes!

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