Clothes: goodbye to iron with These tips

Did you know you can iron clothes without using an iron? Follow our step-by-step tricks and find out how to make ironing a quick and easy task. We know that ironing is not one of your favorite household chores, but what if we told you that you don’t need an iron to iron? Yes! From now on you can take the creases out of your clothes without using an iron, which is especially useful in this hot and muggy weather.

Iron, goodbye: crease-free clothes in less than one minute. The trick is in how you hang them.

Before we tell you the tricks to follow for ironing without an iron, there is something you can keep in mind from the beginning. We refer to the composition of the garments, since some fabrics wrinkle much less than others, as in the case of synthetic fibers. Also, there are garments that per se do not need ironing and these are those that contain the following fibers: spandex, acrylics, spandex, polyester-nylon.

There are 3 key aspects you need to take into account when washing your clothes:

  • Do not overload the washing machine. This will make the clothes more wrinkled because of the difficulty of washing.
  • A washing machine program at too high a speed increases wrinkling of clothes; 600 rpm is more than enough.
  • For washing, use an appropriate detergent that not only gives softness and a pleasant aroma to your clothes but is “easy to iron.”
  • Add to the wash a fabric softener indicated for “easy ironing,” in this way you will reduce the formation of creases.

How to hang clothes to avoid ironing:

  • Be quick in hanging laundry and pick it up when it is dry.
  • Use shirt hangers to hang clothes.
  • Make sure the clothesline is in a place that is moisture-free, well-ventilated and does not receive direct sunlight.
  • Before putting clothes away, shake them so that they are tightly stretched.
  • To avoid tweezer marks, take advantage of the seams of the clothes. Plastic tweezers tend to leave fewer marks than wooden tweezers.

How to store clothes to avoid creases:

  • Lay your garments on a flat surface and smooth them out until they are tight.
  • Don’t pile clothes inside the closet; if they have room they will wrinkle much less.
  • Use accessories such as templates for folding shirts and sweaters. They will help you fold the garments without creases.

If you still notice an unsightly crease on your clothes, apply one of these tricks:

  • Use a spray bottle of water on the garment and set it to dry until it is completely dry.
  • Anti-crease sprays are especially useful for 100% cotton garments and garments made from more natural fabrics that wrinkle much more than synthetic garments.
  • Take advantage of the water vapor when you shower to “iron” the garment you will be wearing. Hang it on a hanger and leave it in the bathroom while you shower.

As you can see, there are many tricks to iron clothes without an iron, saving time and on your household bill, as well as effort!

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