Cockroaches: find out what attract them inside your House and what to do about it

Cockroaches are subtly creepy and stomach-churning animals. Not surprisingly, everyone looks for a way through which they can eradicate them from their houses.

A very important question that everyone asks is: how is it that these diaphanous and disgusting animals enter our homes? In summer, it is certainly not uncommon for insects to enter our homes, and it is often the case that these repulsive beings have the power to induce a subtle restlessness in human beings.

Cockroaches love cracks and crevices where they can sneak in unseen. But it is clear that they come into our homes attracted by what edibles they can find there. In short, they are looking for food, water and shelter.

They love moist, warm places: they feel safe there. So, it is no accident that we often find them in bathrooms: they sneak in through the plumbing.

If they find an environment that suits their tastes, cockroaches lay eggs there, which hatch after about four months. At that point, we have a full-fledged cockroach colony in the house.

Outside the house, they can hide under piles of leaves in the garden, because they retain moisture, but also in woodpiles for the winter.

Given these characteristics of theirs, one way to keep them away from our home is to take great care in cleaning: for example, just don’t leave crumbs or other food debris around. And also clean the bathroom very well. It is also good not to leave standing water around in the saucers or kitchen sink.

Also watch out for any borrowed or bought second-hand appliances: they could be hiding cockroaches.

DIY trap for cockroaches :

We can drive them away, without killing them, using a simple bottle. You have to insert pieces of fruit (a nice ripe banana peel is ideal) or slices of onion (what you insert must have a strong smell) into the bottle. After that you have to smear Vaseline on the rim: this way we will attract the cockroaches and

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