Dirty fan? A super-easy way to clean it!

Summer is here. Time to get the fans out. On the hottest days, a fan is a trusted friend who can make a real difference.

However, before putting it back to use, it needs a good clean to avoid the dust accumulated during the winter spreading throughout the house. To clean our fan correctly, we need to disassemble it per the instructions manual. Make sure that during the cleaning process, the fan is unplugged.

Let’s get to work!

How do we clean the grids?

To clean the grids, we can pour water and vinegar into a bowl and mix them. Then, we can spray the solution on the grids and wipe them with a cloth.

Alternatively, we can submerge the grids into a bowl filled with half vinegar and half water. This way, the grids will be degreased perfectly.

After, we need to rinse them with plenty of water, dry them with a tea towel and keep them outdoors.

How do we clean blades?

We must first pass a dust-catching cloth over the blades to clean them. Then, we need to wet a tea towel in a Marseille soap and water solution, and after wringing it well, we can wipe the blades clean.

Once this operation is complete, let them dry outdoors.

How do we reassemble the fan?

To reassemble our fan, we need to follow the instructions manual and use the screws and the screwdriver to put everything back correctly. To keep the fan clean during the summer, I recommend that you clean it every 15 days with a dust-catching cloth.

How do we prevent dirt and dust?

To prevent dirt, before putting the fan away, we must disassemble it and immerse each part in a solution of water and vinegar. Then we have to keep it in a bag to avoid the dust settling on it.

Enjoy everyone.

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