DIY floor washer, your floors will be shining!

Try this homemade floor cleaner: new shine to your floors!

You went grocery shopping, but you forgot the floor cleaner! Don’t worry, below we give you some tips on how to pack your own, at home, effective floor cleaner and shine for your floors. Effective and at the same time inexpensive.

The idea is to “make” yourself a floor cleaner that is not only inexpensive but also environmentally friendly because most part of it is made from natural substances that do not cause harm to the environment.

Take notes:

This is what you need to prepare this homemade floor cleaner.

One recycled plastic bottle; two cups of water; one cup of dish detergent (that’s why we wrote “the most part of it” above); one cup of white wine vinegar; the juice of two lemons; and a funnel.

Following these procedures:

  1. Fill the bottle with water, dish detergent, vinegar and lemon: you can use a funnel for convenience.
  2. Make a small hole in the cap using a cutter or a pair of scissors very carefully.
  3. With your finger plug the small hole, then shake the bottle so that all the ingredients mix well together. If foam forms, don’t worry, this is normal.
  4. Now you can wash your floor without any need to buy any products at the supermarket.

Why do you need to make this homemade floor cleaner yourself?

Because it is inexpensive, all the ingredients can be found in your kitchen, when you run out of product, you can pack more in amen, it takes very little time to prepare, it does not contain too many chemicals and, therefore, does not harm the environment.

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