Does it Smell Like Bleach on Your Hands? Just 1 Pinch and it Will No Longer Be a Problem.

One of the factors that make using this liquid a bit unpleasant is the smell of bleach it leaves on your hands. How do I erase it? No matter how many you try, it really doesn’t seem to let us down anymore. But the solution is in the kitchen, let’s see what it is.

Bleach smell on your hands, what to do?

Bleach is one of the most commonly used household cleaners to remove dirt from countless areas. Nevertheless, it is a liquid that emits an unpleasant odor that tends to stick to our hands if we do not wear protective gloves, which also makes them feel “slippery”. Its effectiveness means that it is not missing in any household or cleaning service. But its strength also has some disadvantages. The main reason is its strong unpleasant odor.

This smell can permeate our hands and not disappear no matter how many times we wash them with soap and water. So, the question arises: how to remove the smell of bleach from hands? To avoid encountering this problem, the indispensable step (apart from not using it, but sometimes it seems the only solution) is to wear protective gloves. A precaution that should be taken whenever the skin comes into contact with products that contain harmful chemicals.

Lemon slices

We already know that lemon is one of the most powerful natural cleaners. It can be used to clean surfaces, but also to eliminate that unpleasant smell not only of bleach, but also many others, being very effective as a deodorant. How many times, when cutting garlic or onions, we had to wash our hands with soap to get rid of their smell? To achieve the same result, we just need to wash by rubbing a piece of lemon between our hands. Then rinse with water and the smell disappears in no time.

White vinegar to remove the smell of bleach on your hands.

White vinegar is another of the most effective natural products when it comes to removing dirt and odors. In fact, it is one of the most recommended products for cleaning the house and it will be very useful to us if we want to know how to remove the smell of bleach from our hands.

In the end, we just need to pour a splash of vinegar on our hands and then wash them, we do not need to rub our hands too much. Vinegar should also be used sparingly on the skin, so do not rub too much. For some, the smell of vinegar may not be very pleasant, for fear of mistaking one bad smell for another. Well, unlike bleach, vinegar is a very volatile element, so your hands won’t be soaking in it for long. For an even faster result, half a teaspoon of baking soda and you’re done.

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