Easy Ways to Clean Shower Glass, Doors and Screens

Shower panes are across and a delight because it’s nice to have them always shining and spotless, but how much effort does it take to keep even the slightest halo of lime scale from showing through? Unfortunately, dirt is the order of the day because it is not every day that you get to do a thorough cleaning of the shower. Today, however, I’m going to tell you all about how to have streak-free shower panes with little-known tricks!

  • Potato method

The first method I can’t help but mention involves the use of a potato! It may sound strange, however, this ingredient is very useful because the starch contained inside can counteract the appearance of water halos on the glass. What you will need to do is to rinse a potato thoroughly, cut it in half and pass it over the shower glass before turning on the water. Also, once you’ve run a microfiber cloth over it to rinse and dry, you’ll immediately notice that it’s windows will be shiny!

  • Anti-drip cleaner

Another trick I can recommend is a very useful and effective anti-drip cleaner. Let’s quickly see how to prepare it in no time!


  • ½ cup of water
  • ½ cup of white vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons of cornstarch
  • The juice of one lemon

Take a spray bottle and pour inside first the liquid ingredients and then little by little the cornstarch so that all the elements are well mixed and dissolved. Then close the vaporizer, shake well and spray on the shower glass. All you have to do at this point is wipe with a cotton cloth.

  • White vinegar

White vinegar is another perfect trick for not having halos on your shower glass! It also turns out to be perfect for saying goodbye to any stubborn stains given by mold or residue from body care products. All you have to do is fill a vaporizer half with water and half with white vinegar; to perfume, add the filtered juice of a lemon as well. Now spray on the windows and wipe with a cotton cloth, you will see that they will be clean and shiny again!

  • Lemon juice

Lemon is the most versatile citrus fruit in the world, and in fact the reasons are many! Not only in the kitchen, but also to scent and clean the house people are choosing it more and more, so why not use it with our shower glasses? All you need to do is fill a spray bottle with water and 2 cups of lemon juice, then shake well. Spray on the glass thoroughly, afterwards wipe with a microfiber cloth and dry perfectly so that there are no water spots or halos.

  • Baking soda

Lastly, I cannot do anything but recommend our dear baking soda! I particularly recommend it on glass panes that have very stubborn stains and scale buildup, as well as halos. Make a thick paste with 1 teaspoon of baking soda and plain water; you should get the consistency of a gel. Next put it on a soft sponge and go over the glass panes making circular motions. Now all you have to do is rinse thoroughly and there you go!


Try the remedies first in a hidden corner and make sure they do not stain or damage the glass.

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