Easy Ways to Dry Bed Sheets Without Wrinkles

It often happens that you wash your own sheets in the washing machine and pick them up, then, all crumpled and tangled at the end of the wash. And let’s face it, it is not at all pleasant to wrap ourselves in wrinkled and hard sheets at night when all we would like is to be cuddled! Therefore, today we are going to look together at some tricks to prevent this from happening and to keep them soft all the time!

Wash the sheets yourself

Although we tend to wash our sheets with other garments, it would be good to separate them from garments of different fabrics, so that we can use the right program without the risk of finding ourselves wrinkles due to the wrong temperature or too aggressive program. We recommend, therefore, that you read the labels inside the garments well before placing them in the washing machine, and that you divide the garments by fabric. In general, rely on the rule: sheets with sheets, shirts with shirts, and so on. Also, a method that will allow us to have less crumpled sheets in the washing machine is the Knot technique: tying a knot in the sheets will allow us to wash them without having them too crumpled.

The right load

Not only is it important to divide garments by fabric, but also to limit the load of clothes to be washed. In fact, we often tend to fill the washing machine drum, ignoring the fact that the garments piled on top of each other do not have the material space to spread out and, therefore, tend to crumple. As if that were not enough, then, an overloaded drum could also compromise the washing of your garments because the detergent does not “reach” all the garments and proper rinsing is not guaranteed either. Therefore, put only a couple of sheets in the drum so that they can be well spread out.

Choose the right temperature

Another trick to avoid ending up with wrinkles on your sheets is to avoid very high washing temperatures, as high heat tends to form more wrinkles and make your sheets not very soft. The ideal, then, is to stick to the right temperatures, relying on the washing methods indicated on the labels.

Amount of detergent

It happens to all of us to get caught up in the desire to get super-smelling laundry and to use, therefore, an excessive amount of detergent. This is a wrong habit as not only do we not scent our clothes more, but we also tend to make them harsh (as well as ruin them). Therefore, always remember to use the right amount of detergent so that no traces are left on the sheets that could wrinkle them. Also, we recommend that you use natural detergents, such as organic soap, which is a godsend for getting clean, fresh and fragrant laundry!

Fabric softener yes or no?

Similarly, you must also dose the amount of fabric softener, the purpose of which is to make our clothes super soft and fragrant. But again, overuse in quantities could cause the opposite effect and make your sheets rough and full of wrinkles. Therefore, we recommend that you use an all-natural fabric softener so as to obviate these problems. How to do it. By simply adding a tablespoon of citric acid to your fabric softener tub! In fact, this ingredient acts as a natural fabric softener and will help stretch your sheets!


Special attention should be paid to the spin cycle, one of the primary reasons why sheets tend to clump in the washing machine, since the purpose of the spin cycle is precisely to wring out the garments so as to remove excess water and facilitate the drying process. While it may be convenient, however, on the other hand it tends to “stress” the sheets too much, since it shakes them and makes them clump. Therefore, we recommend that you either avoid the spin cycle, or decrease the speed, always making sure not to exceed 600 rpm.

How to dry them

Have you washed your sheets? Well, now it’s time to lay them out well so they don’t wrinkle! Before doing so, however, we suggest that you shake them vigorously so that they are spread out and all wrinkles are removed. At this point, lay them out vertically while they are still wet and not just damp, so that the water can act as a “weight” and allow the sheets to stay nice and straight!

In the dryer

If you have, however, a dryer, then here’s the trick to keep your sheets from balling up during the drying process in this appliance. All you need to do is put 2 tennis balls in the basket of the appliance and that’s it-you’ll notice that the balls will allow the fibers to stretch and your sheets will be straight and wrinkle-free!


Use the washer and dryer only if specifically recommended by the washing labels.

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