Effective Methods to Reduce Indoor Humidity

There are certain times of the year where, alas, humidity takes over the house. This is a problem first and foremost for the wet feeling we constantly feel on us, but also for the house: we see droplets everywhere. Modern technologies offer us many different solutions to make sure that these little problems can be solved, but today I will point you instead to an old Grandma’s trick! Let’s see together how to use a bottle to say goodbye to moisture in the house!

How to use the bottle

At this point, you may be wondering how is it possible that a bottle can reduce the moisture content in the house, I’ll reveal it right away! The plastic bottle represents a practical and inexpensive means to place in the house along with rock salt! The latter is the real star of the trick because it has the ability to absorb the surrounding moisture naturally and quickly.

So, get a plastic bottle and 1/3 lb. of rock salt. Cut the bottle in half keeping in mind the part where the cap is located should be shorter than the base. Leave the cap screwed on. At this point, you will have obtained a base that you will need to keep and the “cap” of the bottle with the stopper. Then, turn the bottle cap upside down and fill it with rock salt, then place it inside the freezer and leave it overnight. The next day take it out of the freezer and poke holes in the cap, then, leaving it upside down, place it on the base. It will trigger a mechanism in which the salt will absorb moisture and slowly become liquid, this liquid will go onto the base of the bottle. Check the salt every 3 to 4 days and change it as needed.

Alternative methods for moisture

We have seen together how this small-engineering trick can be a natural and effective solution to deal with the moisture growing in the house. However, you may not always have the time nor the ingredients to implement this procedure. In this regard, let’s take a look together at alternative methods to equally reduce the humidity in the house by other means!

Scented moisture absorber

The first trick is a scented moisture absorber, a grandmother’s remedy that not only absorbs moisture but also allows you to have a good smell in the house.


  • 1 medium-sized glass jar
  • 1 piece of cloth (that can cover the rim of the jar)
  • 6 drops of essential oil
  • 1 tea bag
  • coarse salt

First you will need to put the coarse salt inside the jar and add the contents of the tea bag. Mix the two elements together to blend them together, after which cover the rim of the jar with the piece of cloth and add the essential oil drops. Then close it with the cap and leave it like this overnight, the oil will penetrate over the salt and tea mixture. The next day open the jar, remove the piece of cloth and place the jar in a corner of the house. You can reuse the scented piece of cloth in the dryer!

Pouch remedy

Another very interesting method is the pouch method! Again we are talking about ancient grandmother’s remedies that are still popular and appreciated today. In this case the protagonist is not coarse salt, but simple rice! This ingredient, in fact, also possesses the absorbent capacity that is needed to reduce the moisture content. Fill a medium-sized bag with rice and place it where needed, perhaps even at the foot of the clothesline if you have put clothes out to dry indoors.

Anti-mold plants

Anti-mold plants are the most environmentally friendly and natural of our anti-mold solutions. Moreover, such a trick will also beautify the house! Let’s see which plants are the most suitable:

  • Fern;
  • Orchid;
  • Philodendron;
  • Pothos;
  • Sansevieria;

Daily habits

Finally, let’s look at some proper daily habits to follow to prevent moisture buildup in the home!

Airing out: the first and very important rule is to let plenty of air through the house so as to dry out the wettest parts and not allow our enemy to infiltrate rooms and furniture. Open balconies and windows for at least twenty minutes every day.

Do not always hang out your laundry in the house: it is true that it often becomes a necessity, but when you see that the weather allows it, hang out your laundry because the moisture they cause in the house is really noticeable.

Open the windows after a shower: the bathroom is the area of the house where most of the moisture accumulates, so I recommend letting all the water vapor out after a hot shower. This way you will also counteract the possible formation of mold.

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