Energy Saving Tips for the Refrigerator

Saving on your utility bill involves a whole series of habits to adopt in the home so that, one thing at a time, you can get to an ending where there are no nasty surprises at the end of the month. One of the things you can start with to cope with electricity and light costs are undoubtedly appliances. Today we will focus specifically on the refrigerator by seeing together everything you need to know about how you can reduce consumption and save money!

Golden rule: closed door

Who doesn’t wander around the house without a purpose and open and close the refrigerator for a long time? I have no doubt that it has happened to everyone at least once in their life, but it is a very incorrect habit! If you are looking for inspiration for dinner, want to check for a food item or need to do some grocery shopping and want to check what you need, you need to do it in the shortest time possible and by grouping all these things in one door opening. This, alas, is one of the most underestimated pieces of advice ever, but consider that in an average family of 5, if everyone wanted to open the door at least 4 times a day, that would be 20 times that the refrigerator sits open unnecessarily and then struggles to keep the temperature stable. The consequence is that the energy it uses becomes almost twice as much. So, don’t open that door!


You will have been told countless times: the cleanliness of household appliances is essential. Especially so is that of the refrigerator, especially if it does not have automatic defrosting in the freezer. So, remember to clean it thoroughly at least once a month, even a little organic soap or white vinegar will suffice. Defrost it thoroughly when the ice exceeds 5 mm and you will see that the appliance will thank you and you will save money at the end of the month!

If you want to change it

There are many people who choose the refrigerator precisely on the basis of its consumption, since it is the only appliance that has to stay on constantly. In case you are thinking of changing it, therefore, I recommend that you prefer a refrigerator with a high energy class. Of course, this type of appliance involves a higher purchase cost, but it will be amortized quickly since at the end of the year you will save up to 100 dollars total on your utility bills.

Size of the refrigerator

This argument applies somewhat to all household appliances, but in particular to the refrigerator. In fact, the larger the latter is and of an advanced technology, the higher its consumption will be, so what to do in such cases? Well, you might not overdo it by getting an extra-dimensional refrigerator. Do a calculation of the foods you consume each week that go into the refrigerator. If, for example, you are a small family, an oversized refrigerator will not be necessary.

Location is important

It may be an underestimated factor, but the location of the refrigerator is very important! You need to avoid placing it near heat sources such as an oven, stove or radiator because they may put the appliance under stress causing the temperature to rise unnecessarily.


It is also important to avoid overheating the coil and make sure that there is a gap of at least 4 inches from the wall. If possible, it is also preferable to avoid the built-in refrigerator and choose a stand-alone one so that it is set up to the best of its functionality.

Remember temperatures

The most important strategy concerns precisely the refrigerator’s temperatures. Since it has an internal thermostat, remember to set a temperature between 39 °F and 43 °F for the refrigerator and  -0.5 or 5 for the freezer. Do not go beyond that otherwise you will only waste electricity and you will also not store food in the most proper way that exists. Also related to temperatures, it is of paramount importance never to put hot food in the refrigerator, you will strain it to decrease the temperature with a waste of energy that will burden the utility bill.

Why is there clutter?

We can say it: the refrigerator is often one of the most cluttered things in our home. Related to what we have just said with respect to the unnecessary opening of the poor appliance, we can organize food well to avoid this habit. Keeping dairy products, meats, vegetables, fruits, drinks and so on separate is most important in order to arrange everything in the best possible way and have a clear and simple picture of the refrigerator whenever you have real need to open it. Also, remember not to jam food on the walls of the appliance so as to allow air circulation and keep everything even and cool in the same way.

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