Fan: It is full of dangerous bacteria With this method you clean it to perfection

Fans are great tools for circulating air during hot weather. However, they tend to accumulate a lot of dirt and dust over time that you need to clean for the fan to work effectively. If the fan is very dirty, you can perform a deeper cleaning with some handy remedies. So, let’s see how to thoroughly clean a fan.

Fan, beware: it is full of dangerous bacteria. With this method you clean it to perfection!

The fan over time accumulates dirt, dust and bacteria that are dangerous to health. These microorganisms, when this instrument is operated, spread through the air. This can be dangerous especially for people with allergies or those who suffer from asthma and lung disease. In this case, the air in the house should be as clean as possible. So, it is always good to clean the fan, especially when dirt starts to show. Let’s see how to do it!

Read the instructions for disassembling the fan

First of all, you need to read the manufacturer’s instructions before disassembling the fan. If you have lost the fan manual, you can usually find the instructions on the manufacturer’s website.

Remove the grille

Unhook the tabs around the fan if present. On some fans, this will allow the grille to be removed. If the grille does not come off, look for the screws on the front of the fan and unscrew them.

  • Store the screws in a safe place so you can screw them in later.
  • Some fans have a grille on the front and back of the fan. In this case, remove both.

Vacuum dust from the fans

Use an upright or handheld vacuum cleaner to suck dirt and dust from the fan. Concentrate on areas that have accumulations of dirt, such as the fans and fan mechanism crevices. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, you can help yourself with a microfiber cloth or duster to remove dust deposited on the surface.

Clean the fans

To clean the fans, you can choose one of these 2 methods:

  • Organic soap and water:

You can dissolve some organic soap in warm water and then with a well-wrung rag wipe it over all surfaces, being careful not to get the fan motor wet. After that, dry the blades with a microfiber cloth.

As for the grill, wipe it with the rag soaked in organic soap and then rinse under the faucet. Finally dry in the same way with a dry cloth and let the fan air dry thoroughly.

  • Vinegar and water:

Wet a cloth with vinegar and water and wipe it over the grill, propeller and hand control, trying to avoid getting the motor and cables wet. Finally wipe dry with a dry cloth and place it in the open air for it to dry thoroughly.

Once everything is dry, screw the grille onto the fan and close the tabs, if any. Finally, turn on the fan to make sure it is working properly.

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