Flies and mosquitoes:Y ou take them all out with these plants

The arrival of summer brings with it the appearance of mosquitoes, those little bugs that creep everywhere and never seem to go away. Many people to keep these pesky insects away use repellent in their environments, but it would be wise not to do so and to look for other natural methods to keep them away. Let’s see which ones!

Flies and mosquitoes, best not to use repellent. With this plant you take them all out!

The best known and most widely used way to fight mosquitoes in homes is the use of repellent. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most effective methods of keeping mosquitoes away, but it cannot be denied that the smell sometimes becomes annoying and leaves a strong odor impregnated in the rooms.

Moreover, we have to be very careful about its excessive use and take measures so that it does not harm us, such as staying in a well-ventilated environment. But if you don’t want to take any risks with the use of these products, there are plants that are a real natural mosquito repellent that are much safer and do no harm. Let’s see which ones are the most effective to keep in the house at this time!

Flies and mosquitoes, other than gnats! You take them all out with these plants

Chinese Carnation (the one with the orange flower), lavender (the one with the lilac flower), Pelargonium geranium odorous (geranium with the lemon scent) and lemongrass will allow you to enjoy your garden and outdoor life without having these pesky insects around.

Chinese carnation

A very powerful plant is undoubtedly the Chinese carnation, as it can effectively ward off flies and mosquitoes, and its bloom lasts all summer long. Its smell is really unbearable for these insects. It can be planted in flower beds and needs sun and moderate watering.


The scent of this plant repels flies and mosquitoes. It is a plant that grows well in pots and planters, making it ideal to place in the garden or even on balconies. It can also be placed indoors in a very bright area. It does not need much watering.

Geranium with lemon aroma

This mosquito repellent plant, Pelargonium geranium odorous boasts bright green leaves with a velvety texture, as well as pink or white flowers that bloom from late winter to early summer. It is an excellent mosquito repellent, as its intense lemony aroma can easily drive them away. Its essential oil also, mixed with almond oil, can be applied to the skin to prevent itching from these insects. It is a highly recommended plant for ‘outside and in full sun, as it tolerates high temperatures and requires little water.


Citronella is a popular mosquito repellent plant for its unmistakable lemony aroma and excellent properties that repel flies and mosquitoes very effectively. In addition, its oil, which is ideal for skin care, is also very useful as a mosquito repellent. It is ideal to place outside, as it does not require much care.

Anti-mosquito aromatic plants to keep indoors as well

There are also indoor plants that are perfect for keeping insects away. You can place them near doors and windows-their aroma will prevent these insects from entering and they have a pleasant scent. The ones that work are aromatic plants such as sage, basil, mint or rue. These drive away the main summer insects: flies and mosquitoes.

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