Flushing coffee grounds down the toilet: is it a good idea?

Coffee is a beverage that is widely consumed in America, on the market you can find different types suitable for different tastes and budgets. There are those who prefer coffee the classic, those who prefer arabica loving stronger flavors, and those who like the delicate. As far as coffee is concerned, this beverage of ancient origin has been used in versatile ways and also in combinations such as hazelnut, with ginseng and diluted with milk and cocoa.

Coffee in the home is never lacking, its grounds were used in the past, recycling them, for various things today we often throw them away but their use can come in handy in different ways. Did you know, for example, that you can pour them down the toilet? What will result may surprise you, but let’s take a closer look at why.

Coffee grounds, flush them down the toilet: no one knows, but what happens is crazy!

Coffee grounds are also sometimes used for cleansing facial skin, this is one of the most frequent uses of them. If you decide instead to flush them down the toilet, the result of this choice will surprise you. As a scrub a little you know the result, but in this case much less so today I want to tell you about that option. It is really a shame to throw coffee grounds in the trash, because it is really a waste that could be avoided. Instead, you can store them in a bowl and use them when needed and for a variety of needs including cleaning the toilet.

Coffee grounds, pour them into the toilet-it solves this most annoying problem!

Let’s set aside the daily ritual of the coffee drink that so many and many also enjoy in the family and see how it works as a cleaning agent. Take the grounds, the pose as they used to say, equip yourself with a spoon that will act as a measuring cup. You need five, six tablespoons full of the grounds that you will pour into a 1 quart of lukewarm water. The resulting mixture should be poured into the toilet and left for about 5 to 10 minutes. Once this time has passed it should be flushed, what you will see will amaze you.

The first thing you will notice will be the immediate disappearance of bad odors and also a cleanliness that generally comes with a lot of work. Remember that this kind of use of coffee grounds should be repeated three times a month (every 10 days). The advice is to opt for the grounds used on the same day, instead for old grounds recycle them for other things.

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