Food poisoning: some popular beliefs to debunk.

If food poisoning is mentioned, everyone has their diagnosis and treatment ready. Because it’s happened to them, their mom, cousin or uncle, and so people, even the most fastidious of any medical notion, feel empowered to dispense advice left and right.

Well, be aware that most of the time this “advice” is neither in heaven nor on earth. Below we see the most common and most mistaken beliefs about food poisoning.

Food poisoning: some popular beliefs to debunk

You are sick from your last meal

Well, it is not necessarily because of it. Food poisoning usually depends on a high concentration of bacteria, and bacteria can also take a long time to multiply. It follows that it’s not necessarily what we ate for lunch today that makes us sick to our stomachs: it can be what we ate last night or even earlier.

It’s always the restaurant’s fault

Not true. This belief starts from the assumption-which is far from verified-that all hygienic rules are followed in our house. That may be the case, but that is hardly an absolute guarantee that bacteria will not still be able to do their thing. Just, for example, thaw a piece of meat on top of a countertop (perhaps a wooden one) and that’s it.

Just taste the food to know if it is dead.

Again, not true. Or rather, in some cases it is true, when the proliferation of bacteria changes the smell, taste, and texture of the food, but in other cases there may very well be a growth of bacteria without this resulting in a change in the organoleptic characteristics of the food.

Vegetarians are less at risk to food poisonings

False. Bacteria can proliferate on all foods, not just meat, also on lettuce and tomatoes. Cooking technique and hygiene standards matter more than the type of food.

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