Foods that never expire: don’t throw them away, but learn to recognize them, against waste!

Not everyone knows that some foods NEVER expire.

Every time we buy a product or take it from the fridge and pantry, we maniacally check the MSL, the acronym that implies “minimum shelf life.” That figure indicates the exact time within which organoleptic characteristics are guaranteed to be intact.

But there are some exceptions: everything that is not subject to quick perishability bears the inscription, “best before,” complete with an indication of month and year.

These are foods that inherently and naturally possess antibacterial, antibiotic, antifungal properties, one out of all?


found intact by archaeologists in the tombs of pharaohs, is still edible! The changes involve the loss of volatiles and an increase in acidity.

And that’s not the only one. Curious to discover the others?

Let’s get started!

Do you want some good news? Chocolate has no expiration date! True, the ideal temperature is between 57,2°F and 64,4°F, if stored well, it will never spoil. Consume 0,71 oz of it about every other day, it works as a preventive and allows the cardiovascular system to function well.


is also natural preservative, it absorb water, block the proliferation of microorganisms and keep food fresh for a long time.

Here it is well understood then that even soy sauce, consisting of salt and subjected to a special fermentation process, has a virtually eternal shelf life.


when placed in a protected atmosphere, deprived of oxygen and stored below 10 degrees, never spoils!

canned tuna:

beloved by young and old alike, to be packaged properly is sterilized in an autoclave. This process makes it a safe and undamaged food for years and years, well beyond the date on the package.

From now on, don’t unnecessarily throw away food that will keep intact for a long time!

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