Forget the iron on vacation! Try these viable alternatives and you’ll get the same results

Forget ironing on vacation, these methods are practical and space-saving-you’ll get the same results with a little ingenuity

The arrival of August for a lot means only one thing…HOLIDAY! Finally, after a busy year, especially like this one we are still living through, giving ourselves a few weeks away from the usual chaos is really the just reward we all deserve.

And here we are that we will finally be ready to leave and be able to finally bask in the sun and get a tan to be envied. One of the watchwords for our beloved vacations is undoubtedly practicality. For these weeks away with the usual clichés, the usual clothes that are composed and constricting even in 104 °F in the shade, and let’s give the green light to fresh, practical and comfortable clothes.

You won’t have to bring your iron on vacation, because you’ll only need these tricks to get wrinkle-free clothes

When it comes time to pack, we will have to decide carefully what to bring and what to leave at home, so it will be very important to follow these little tricks to have a perfect suitcase. All of this will be necessary both to avoid loading ourselves with unnecessary things, but also to prevent too many clothes piled on top of each other from wrinkling later. Certainly, the idea of ironing even on vacation is definitely not contemplated, let alone the space it would take up if we put it in our suitcase.

Packing is a real cross to bear, especially if you are not particularly fond of tidiness and as a result you will not really know where to start. That is why you have surely happened to open your suitcase once you arrive at your destination and find your clothes all completely rumpled.

Fortunately, many hotels make available to their guests not only laundry services, but also the possibility of being able to provide them with an ironing service, obviously behind a very specific cost.

That’s why if you don’t want to incur any other extra costs, the ideal would be to leave with an iron in your suitcase, but let’s face it, it would really be a big hassle wouldn’t it? That is precisely why today, we will show you some small tricks that are ideal for ironing your clothes even without an iron. It will really take very little and you will see the results.

The first trick to try, valid if you are in a rented house, is to heat a pot with water and when it is well boiling, being careful not to burn yourself, you can pass it over the abused garment. The heat of the pot, combined with the weight of the water, will make all the creases disappear immediately.

If this seems too far-fetched a system, then you can try the one with the classic hair dryer. In this case you will simply moisten the fabric slightly and dry it with the hair dryer. Help yourself with your hands to spread the fabric and you will see that it will be perfectly arranged.

And this is how without an iron, you will have obtained perfectly arranged garments.


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