Fruit Nets: Recycling and Saving Ideas to Never Throw Them Away

Never throw away fruit nets! Ingenious ideas for recycling and saving money

When we go to the supermarket to buy fruits and vegetables, we often find them packed in convenient nets. Probably, when we get home, without even thinking about it, we throw it away and never think about it again. However, the plastic that makes them up is harmful to the environment, of course we can’t avoid it and eventually we will still have to throw them away but, at least, let’s try to give them a second life first. If nothing else, we will save buying more plastic products.

You will never throw away fruit nets again! brilliant ideas for recycling and saving money

Recycling in the kitchen:

Ways to recycle fruit nets, start right in the kitchen, let’s see what they are:

  • Let’s roll them up on themselves and secure them with string. We will get an abrasive sponge for washing dishes.
  • Let’s insert all the spices we want to dry inside them and hang them up. They will dry perfectly, and our kitchen will be colorful.
  • To wash small items in the dishwasher without them traveling inside the appliance, let’s insert them into the fruit nets and place them on top. We will not lose anything again.

Recycling in the garden:

For garden lovers, plastic nets are a holy hand:

  • Let’s use them to protect small shoots from the birds that usually hoard them.
  • Let’s roll them up on themselves and use them to secure plants to their supports. We will save whole rolls of twine.
  • Finally, by hanging them on a support, after filling them with seeds, they will become a colorful bird feeder. Our awakenings will be a chorus of chirps.

Creative recycling :

DIY enthusiasts, too, will benefit greatly from plastic nets:

  • Let’s use them as nail stencils. Simply place a piece of the netting over the nail and run nail polish over it. When we go to remove it, the pattern of the net will appear on the nail.
  • By covering a simple vase with one or more colored nets, we will give it new life.
  • Finally, we can recover garlic nets to create cute puppets. Let’s fill them with old rags or wadding, then with string give them shape and decorate them as desired.

When we go to the supermarket, we always try to buy fruits and vegetables in bulk, but if we are forced to take the fruit nets home, at least now we know what to do with them.

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