Garlic: discover the secret to preparing it for long term storage

How annoying can it be to go get garlic for our recipe and notice that it has sprouted?

It certainly happens to many of us to err on the side of precision in the storage of this magnificent culinary element.

The reason why garlic sprout is always moisture: this will not only cause this magical bulbous plant to lose its tone and become soft; as well as sprout and become unusable.

How, then, to ensure proper storage and avoid sprouting? Here are some “grandma’s” tricks, or rather some mistakes we often make when storing garlic.

Garlic storage: avoid these mistakes

Perhaps one of the most typical ingredients we use is precisely garlic. Many preparations of typical recipes of our tradition have at their base the use of this magnificent element with a strong flavor.

Think of the many recipes or certain sauces and so on. The problem, however, especially in hot weather, is that the storage of garlic can be very difficult: when the temperature encourages the production of shoots by the plant, then it will be pain.

The main advice is to make sure you can take it to a place similar to a cellar, with a constant temperature that is not high. If we do not have such a room available, we can start by avoiding making crucial mistakes.

Do not expose it to light

First, you must avoid exposing garlic to light. This, in fact, can be very harmful and undermine its longevity. This does not mean that the plant will not have to be guaranteed the opportunity to breathe, even if it is already dried; this is because you will avoid the formation of moisture.

Do not leave the garlic in the plastic bag

Another thing you must pay attention to is to avoid leaving garlic in the plastic bag once you have bought it. Plastic in particular blocks air circulation and promotes the formation of moisture-this will lead to the plant’s inexorable decline. If you do not have a cellar, you could store previously purchased garlic in a paper bag, such as bread bags.

Avoid leaving it outdoors

Avoid leaving garlic outdoors, as once opened it can be peeled, sliced and even stored in a freezer for several months. To keep it on hand at all times, you can, once opened, store it in the kitchen in an aluminum container with a lid, this way it can remain intact for at least a week.

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