Geranium: causes and solutions for yellow and burned leaves

Geraniums are grown in almost every corner of the world. They bloom everywhere and are among the most popular indoor and outdoor plants for their striking and colorful blooms. But sometimes the leaves of our geraniums turn yellow with brown spots without knowing the cause. Here are the main causes that lead to yellow leaves in geranium.

Surely on the patio of your grandmother’s house or on the neighbor’s balcony you have seen geraniums. This plant is highly valued for its easy care. There are varieties that bloom between nine and ten months a year, as long as they do not freeze and enjoy plenty of light and moderate watering.

They can live for days in dry conditions due to their coarse stems, but rarely survive for more than five days if overwatered. Other causes of yellow leaves in geraniums can be:

Excess or lack of water

Just as serious as excess is lack, although it is always easier to fix. One of the key symptoms to detect that our geranium needs water is to observe the edges of dry leaves.

Lack of iron or nutrients.

Although it is an undemanding plant, it also needs nutrients. Renewing the substrate at least every two years will be essential for them to grow healthy and strong. Its leaves can also yellow due to iron chlorosis. Thus, it is recommended to use an organic spray to correct deficiencies.

Low temperatures in winter

As mentioned earlier, geraniums are hardy plants that prefer direct sun and heat. Its minimum temperature is 59 °F, and if it suffers harsh winters or frost, its leaves may begin to yellow. Avoid leaving the geranium exposed to the cold and relocate the plant to an area of the house with better temperatures.

The geranium butterfly

Eliminating the geranium butterfly is a complicated task. The butterfly lays its eggs inside the stems, creating a small hole. Its larvae feed on the sap, devouring the plant from the inside. This causes first yellow leaves, then a decay of the plant and finally its death. In this case, action can be taken with a specific insecticide before the plant dies.

Other causes

There are also other factors that cause the dryness of geranium leaf tips. It is possible that if we detect holes in the stem, we are suffering from the presence of the notorious geranium borer, an undermining insect that ends the life of the plant and causes discoloration and dry leaves.

Dry leaves can also be the cause of severe heat waves, stressful situations during watering, and sunburn. Make sure your geranium receives optimal conditions! In short, observe, analyze and try to find the best solution by identifying the possible causes of yellowing leaves on your plant.

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