Goodbye iron: tips for free wrinkle sheets

When you change the sheets in your bed it is a nice feeling to have them well pulled, ironed and smelling good, but to achieve this result you almost always have to resort to using an iron. However, this operation is really unpleasant and takes a lot of time if you want to get a flawless result.

Flawless sheets without ironing: Goodbye iron!

The solution is to succeed in not ironing them, making sure that from the time they are washed they do not wrinkle too much and thus do not require the intervention of the iron. But how to get around this?

First, you need to pay attention to the wash you set and the spin speeds you set. If the wash is at high temperatures or the spin cycle has too many revolutions, or worse, both, the result is crumpled sheets to hang out. So, it is best to prefer low-temperature washes and a low centrifuge profile.

But this is not the only ploy to be able to hang out sheets that will not iron. In fact, you must also pay attention to what garments you put in the basket along with the sheets. How many times have you found your sheets intertwined with other things? Divide things up and do different washes by type, such as jeans with jeans, linens separately, shirts a special wash, and so on.

This will keep you from having additional creases form that would otherwise have to be ironed. Another secret is not to overload the basket with laundry, which will wrinkle more that way. In addition, an ancient ritual makes it possible not to iron the sheets, namely, after washing, beat them and then lay them out nice and tight.

When they are dry, all you have to do is fold them and at most run the iron over them a few moments, but only to remove the air and withdraw them to the drawer.

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