Grow Your Own Organic Strawberries At Home

Among the tastiest and most beloved fruits there are certainly strawberries. It is, however, a food that is often found to be particularly contaminated by pesticides, which are still widely used today. But what if we told you that there is a trick to making strawberry plants grow at home? Here it is revealed to you!

Strawberries: here’s how to grow them at home

Planting and growing strawberries does not require any specific, in-depth knowledge. Just follow some fairly simple little rules. Should you be able to take advantage of an orchard or otherwise a garden or vegetable garden, then you can proceed to plant them in the ground.

Of course, you can also plant them in pots and achieve the same result. The plant, on the other hand, resists cold and heat very well. This makes it easy to grow and plant, remember also that the fruit can best be enjoyed at the end of winter.

Generally, they should be placed in an area where they can receive proper sunlight; they also need properly fertilized soil to increase fruit production.

How do strawberry plants spread so quickly? They use a special system that makes use of a long aerial stem, which also rests very far on the ground from the mother plant. From this come roots that in turn penetrate the soil and form new plants.

To replicate the same process at home, we will simply rest the plant stem in a new pot nearby. This “stolon” will put out roots and form a new plant completely independently. It will only be necessary to water the soil constantly. In this regard, we suggest watering while avoiding water stagnation: we water regularly 1-2 times a week and only when the sun has already set.

Other useful info :

Keep in mind that there are also other things we should keep in mind. For example, to get healthy and strong plants, it would be optimal to use organic compost (such as manure). Fertilize the plant once every 15 days in small doses.

The location, then, will need to be elevated to avoid moisture hazards and insect attack. Finally, to protect the plant, which is very hardy in itself, from frost, it would be wise to prevent it from deteriorating. A minimum of protection can be achieved with straw: we recommend always storing them in pots that can be moved, depending on the climate.

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