Homemade insecticide for plants, Natural and environmentally friendly!

Marseille soap is a widely used product for both laundry and household cleaning. But perhaps what you don’t know is that you can also use it as a natural insecticide. There is also a decree that certifies its effectiveness for organic farming and this allows you to be sure that its use does not cause any harm, in fact the benefits are greater.

Its function as an insecticide is lethal for insects because it blocks their respiratory system, and they suffocate to death. But unfortunately, its action is related to its permanence on the plant. In fact, when it evaporates it is no longer effective, so you have to be careful and spray again as soon as its action ends.

But Marseille soap is also an excellent thickener that allows for greater effectiveness even when used in other insecticides. If by chance you are going to use for example neem oil, Marseille soap is really essential for dilution in water because without it is really very complicated.

What insects does it neutralize?

The use of Marseille soap is useful for certain types of insects that are soft tegumented, such as aphids, cicadas, mealybugs, thrips, and pear psylla. This compound is also useful to get rid of honeydew, that substance produced through insect droppings that settles not only on stems but also on leaves.

How to use it.

If you have to treat large crops, the dose to prepare for solid or paste soap is 1-2 kg /hl. On the other hand, if you have to treat your vegetable garden accordingly, the proportion is 10-20 grams/liter, if you use a sprayer, otherwise 150-300 grams for a 15-liter knapsack pump. 10-20 cc/l instead is the indicated dose for Marseille soap in liquid formula. Whereas, if you want to use it as an adhesive or wetting agent, the dose is becoming 1-2 grams/liter.

To use Marseille soap or rather soft soap for agricultural use, you cannot use the classic one in the market (unless you are sure that it does not contain additives or perfume), but you must go to specialized stores that deal with products for agriculture. You can use it on any vegetable, fruit or ornamental plant. On the latter, however, always do a test to be sure.

Can this product be harmful in any way?

The use of this soap is allowed because it has a low environmental impact, but, unfortunately, it is harmful to all insects, including bees, ladybugs, etc…It is, then, sensitive on plants such as horse chestnut and pear trees, so it is always best to use it in the evening hours.

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