House plants that mice hate: Put them on your balcony and you will never see a mouse again

Did you know that you can take advantage of common plants to counteract the presence of mice?

You know, in some types of homes, such as country houses surrounded by greenery, the presence of mice is not so unlikely.

Are mice dangerous?

These are animals that, especially for some, represent a kind of nightmare: not surprisingly, they have become, over the centuries, symbols of “plagues.” Although today the risk of catching a disease such as plague through a mouse is much lower, if not non-existent, it must be said that these animals are seriously dangerous.

In fact, mice can infest an area in no time, gnawing and even damaging walls. If your home is surrounded by greenery, the possibility of their presence becoming apparent cannot be ruled out.

That said, fear not! There are a number of methods to keep them away, and some of them are absolutely natural. Today we will tell you about the possibility of keeping mice away from your home through the use of some plants that are as common as they are valuable.

Surely it is a better solution to use plants because you avoid chemicals that are often harmful to the environment and to human and animal health, as well as costing considerable amounts of money. But let’s see in detail!

Plants to keep mice away: here are three effective ones

There are three plants most suitable for keeping mice away. In all cases, they can be easily found on the market, often in common supermarkets. These plants, whose characteristics we are going to illustrate, are particularly useful to counteract the presence of mice and also beautify the garden.

The first among the plants that has proven most effective in counteracting mice is definitely mint. In addition to being outstanding for some cocktails, drinks and dishes, mint is able to ward off mice because of its odor, which is exceptional for humans and unbearable for pets. Let’s try arranging them all around the house!

Similar discussion for Common Rue, a plant that grows mostly on the shores of lakes and can be grown precisely to keep mice away. Seeds can now be found everywhere, even on the net, and it will then suffice to plant them for an excellent result.

Finally, we suggest trying bay laurel. This is another plant that works great for keeping mice away, as well as for cooking some sensational recipes from our cuisine.

Try these methods and let us know!

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