How do you get rid of smells in washing machine : Use this super easy and inexpensive method

One of the most useful appliances in every home is washing machine. Just think if we had to wash our clothes at the wash house or spring like our grandmothers and great-grandmothers did! its arrival in our homes was both a revolution and a blessing.

However, to make the washing machine work at its best, it is necessary to take care of its maintenance. First, you need to prevent mold, which easily settles in both the detergent drawer and the gasket. But mold is only one of the possible problems with the washing machine.

Another frequent problem, in fact, can be the formation of bad odors. To avoid them, a useful first tip is not to close the washing machine drum immediately after washing. Let it get some air so that it dries: moisture is in fact the friend of bad odors! Remember that you need to watch out for any detergent or other deposits.

Another important caution is to never leave dirty laundry in the drum for days at a time, waiting to start the washing machine. It is clear that if the laundry sits there for too long, it can more easily develop unpleasant odors. Better to put them in the laundry basket and put them in the drum only when it is time for washing.

A do-it-yourself perfume

Finally, to enjoy laundry that always smells good, you can also make your own washing machine perfume. Just take a spray bottle, pour demineralized water into it and add half a tablespoon of any essential oil, such as lavender. You spray this mix into the empty drum and leave it open to evaporate.

As you have seen, these are mostly easy but effective tips.

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