How do you store garlic for years? With no preservatives, you prepare it in just a few steps!

With a little care, it is possible to create garlic powder that keeps all its flavor intact.

You can very easily preserve, after the process you can read below, garlic even for years. It will be perfect when used in chicken dishes or whatever meat you prefer to prepare.

Without additives and preservatives this garlic powder will delight all your dishes and will never rot.

Let’s see now what we need to do to complete this simple recipe.

Garlic powder: ingredients to use

To make garlic powder we need to use the following ingredients:

  • 1.50 oz of sea salt
  • 2.50 pound of garlic

How should garlic powder be prepared? Let’s see!

Let’s take the garlic and peel the cloves well. To complete this operation smoothly, just soak the garlic in a bowl full of water for 30 minutes. This way the peels will come off easily.


After that we transfer one half of the garlic we have peeled to a blender along with the salt. We cover the salt with the remaining garlic and finally pour in the remaining unused salt. We operate the blender until we obtain a creamy mixture.

We then spread the result on a baking sheet lined with baking paper and then let the mixture air dry.

Thanks to the heat of the sun in 2 to 3 days our garlic will be perfectly dry. Of course, it can also be dried in an oven previously heated to a temperature of 176 °F.

At this point, we reduce the dried garlic into coarse prices and then bring them into our blender. We blend until we create a sandy mixture.

Finally, our garlic is ready to be stored, away from sunlight and in a cool place, for a long, long time.

See how easy it is to complete this task?

Now you have no more excuses: try it and you will see that the result will leave you speechless.

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