How often to water Basil, Discover the Gardeners’ Trick!

In warm weather, it is easy to walk down the street between houses and see basil seedlings and other herbs on windowsills and balconies. Indeed, not only are they useful for healthy and fresh cooking, but they also adorn and give a pleasant fragrance. In recent times, many people prefer the fresh basil leaf on hand, rather than the one frozen or taken from supermarkets.

The best watering way of Basil: discover the gardeners’ trick!

But how can we take care of basil to keep it looking its best and not let it yellow or rot? Often basil that turns yellow is caused by watering. It is necessary to get informed and know what the best way to grow this type of plant.

Fundamental to the growth of basil is the location where it is placed. Optimal is in semi-shade, but airy. It also needs a lot of water so not to suffer from dryness terribly. To know if the soil is dry, you can touch it and check. Be aware, however, that in summer you need to water it every day.

Be careful not to overdo it, however, because it can have the opposite effect, which is to make the leaves yellow or even cause the plant to die. If for some reason such as rain, however, it receives too much water, it is necessary to move it and put it where there is a lot of air recycling to allow it to dry out. Possibly if there are a lot of leaves, thin it a little.

If by chance the basil is in an outdoor dwelling, to prevent rain from rotting it, you can think about putting straw at its base, which protects the roots and prevents them from rotting.

Always having fresh basil on hand so that you can use it in cooking, perhaps in tomato puree and thus give a special flavor to pasta is something unique. The same thing applies to all other aromatic plants, each of them needing special care.

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