How to Clean a Dish Drying Rack: With this Method it Comes Back as Good as New!

There are many items in the kitchen that can be particularly dangerous because they accumulate dirt and bacteria. Some of them can be attacked by lime scale. Among the main ones we certainly find the dish drainer. This is an item that is usually made of steel, although it can also be purchased in plastic, and it should be particularly cared for and cleaned properly. Let’s take a look at some useful tips on how to best clean our dish drainer!

Cleaning the dish rack: here’s how!

One of the oldest and most useful solutions for cleaning the dish rack is yellow soap. This is a soap that is not only effective for clothes, but also for various items in the kitchen. In order to make use of it, we will simply take a small ball of this soap and try to adhere it to a kitchen sponge. We will then start scrubbing the dish rack and notice that after rinsing it will be shining!

White vinegar, then, once again comes to our aid. This multifunctional element is also sensational for cleaning the dish rack: let’s use it on the sponge and remove all the stains in no time. It may be necessary to leave it on for a few minutes.

Same goes for baking soda. A valuable product that can also be useful to make the dish rack shine: just mix it with water and create a kind of paste, very thick, which can then be smeared on the sponge as well. Rinse it off and you’re done!

Returning to soaps, in addition to the yellow soap, we can make use of organic soap. In this case we can take advantage of not only the functional characteristics, but also the scent, which will then be spread all over the affected surfaces. We dissolve a few flakes of organic soap with warm water, then place the mixture on the sponge and if we want to add baking soda as well. After scrubbing the surface thoroughly, we rinse and notice a magnificent result: the dirt will be gone!

Alternative method:

Then there is an alternative method that could be very effective, especially if we do not have other products available. We are talking about the use of lemon juice, a product that has properties very similar to those of white vinegar. It is able to remove even the most stubborn stains and, above all, is capable of infusing surfaces with a crazy scent. All we need to do is filter the juice of a large lemon, then add a half glass of white vinegar, but also apple cider vinegar if we want, and use the solution right away.

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