How To Clean A Mattress : Essential Ways to Disinfect and Sanitize your Mattress like a Pro

Mites are small creatures that cannot be noticed the way an ant or another insect can, plus they are harmful to health, since they feed on human skin and cause allergies.

One of the important things that makes people healthy is to get a good night’s sleep, and its quality depends on hygiene. Therefore, a good mattress must be soft and comfortable, as well as clean to perfection. Unfortunately, mites are quite resilient, partly because it is something that is invisible to the naked eye. As an ancient Chinese saying goes, when you know your enemy, victory is sure, so it is useful to learn more about what exactly mites are.

Why mites form

Mites are nothing more than arachnids that are very tiny in size, about a quarter of a millimeter. These parasites cannot be noticed as is the case with an ant or another insect, plus they are harmful to our health, since they feed on human skin and cause allergies. One of the main problems they cause is to the respiratory system, as they are associated with many dust intolerances. So, to eliminate them and prevent them from being able to proliferate in the mattress, a series of steps must be followed.

Tips for having a clean mattress:

You must be very careful while choosing your mattress. For example, it is preferable to choose an anti-mite and breathable one, while the ideal pillows are those made of tin or polyurethane to make life impossible for mites. With some good practices, then, you can avoid the proliferation of pests:

  • Air the room as much as possible after you wake up
  • Vacuum your mattress very carefully and regularly
  • Use removable mattresses and pillows for better washing
  • Take advantage of sunlight that annoys mites
  • Carry out washing at high temperatures

Natural disinfectants :

Natural remedies are always useful and valuable for small and large household inconveniences. The same goes for the mattress and mites: there are several products that can be used to satisfactorily disinfect your bed’s sheets and pillows. The following remedies are the main ones that you can apply in your home.

  • Baking soda:

should not be missing in any home, as it is versatile and can solve so many problems. Cheap and environmentally friendly, baking soda has a very powerful disinfectant action and any harmful substances can be removed. It also serves to prevent the formation of other mites by preventing their development. The advice is to sprinkle the surface of the mattress and let the baking soda act for several hours, then remove it with a vacuum cleaner.

  • Essential oils:

the alternative is oils based on tea tree, lavender and eucalyptus. They promote mattress hygiene by disinfecting the mattress with the use of a few drops and drying the surface very carefully.

  • Water and tea bags:

using a spray bottle, a solution of warm water and tea can also be used to achieve the same results in terms of sanitizing the mattress. After letting the teabags steep, the liquid will be ready for cleaning, then letting it dry in sunlight for best effect.

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